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contains valuable footage that is simply not an option. An LTO tape, on the other hand, is generally considered to be a robust method of archiving. It is also cheaper than an XDCam disk, holding 1.5 terabytes of information and costing £55. A Sony PFD- 50DLA Professional XDCAM Disk on the other hand costs from £30 to £70 and holds 50GB while a write- once Quad-layer XDCam archiving disc costs from £50 and holds 128GB. I’ll let you do the maths on that one. By ‘recycling’ XDCam disks it is even possible to effectively make money when compared to the high cost of buying hundreds of new ones for every shoot. Or, at least, move some money from the spreadsheet line marked ‘stock’ and put that cash into the section called ‘on screen.’ “A typical series, like 12 Yard’s Coach Trip for Channel 4 for example, uses around 600 XDCam disks,” continues Hotz. “Using the MTS system, once the transfer is done you will end up with 22 LTO tapes and 600 blank XDCam disks that you can use again. Those 22 LTO tapes will cost you roughly £1000. Buying 600 more XDCam discs for the next series could set you back £4000. Yes, you have to pay for the MTS service but it will be a whole lot less than the £3000 difference. By the time the fourth transfer is done, producers will actually start to make a profit against the cost of the discs.” Hotz says that to avoid liabilities, producers remain responsible for all discs until they reach HotCam. A legal document is then signed to say that Hotcam can wipe the XDCam discs and return them. The wiping only happens once footage has been transferred and LTO tapes have successfully been delivered to the producer. From that point, concludes Hotz, “the footage can be easily accessed having been preserved on a stable, secure, and virtually lossless medium. That should provide piece of mind for producers and execs alike.” HotCam is a broadcast equipment rental company based in London ‘Super Slo-Mo’ Video Camera Olympus cameras are synonymous with image quality. Developing on this with years of experience in high-speed video - Olympus is pleased to introduce the i-SPEED PL, designed to be portable and easy to use, exclusively for use by the creative media industry. • Broadcast standard PL lens mount (also available with F-mount) • Extreme low light sensitivity (ISO: 1600) • Record frame speeds of up to 10,000 fps • Rugged and reliable • User selectable image export formats (including RAW) Stop by at IBC on Stand No. B49 (Hall 9) for an i-SPEED PL demonstration OLYMPUS INDUSTRIAL Telephone: +44 (0)1702 616333 • email: Stock Road, Southend-on-Sea, Essex SS2 5QH, UK