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business rules while also addressing the content-related requests of users. In this respect, the use of proxies (low-resolution representations of high-resolution content) is an essential part of archive management. Proxies provide users with a visual representation of archived content and thus help to confirm that a particular clip or larger piece of content is indeed what they are seeking. Once content is identified, the system can provide a simple storyboard of still images from clip. This method of reviewing archived content can serve as a time-saving device, allowing users to browse the content of a clip without actually watching it. This capability is valuable both for users tasked with cataloging content and adding further metadata and for users seeking content for specific productions or segments. the creation of a digital archive requires consideration of many factors. The right decisions for a given broadcaster or content provider will depend on the specific needs of that business, and the resulting system will yield significant benefits in the short term and as the archive expands. About the Author: Simon Eldridge is Senior Manager, Management Applications, at Harmonic Inc. Eldridge joined Harmonic in 2010 via the company’s acquisition of Omneon. His role at Harmonic continues the work he began at Omneon, providing management and strategic direction for a suite of software applications and utilities. From format to workflow, and from infrastructure to management system, Create your world, your way Innovative chroma key technologies that let you create a world of digital content. To find your local distributor, visit iZtac Chromatte LiteRing NEW NEW iZtac LiteRing ChromaFlex Controller Chromatte MicroLite Adapters BaseMatte