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+44 (0)1590 622440 HALL 11 Stand D36 LV 5380 Anaglyph Multi-SDI Monitor Dual Link 2K LV 5770 Multi-Monitor Anaglyph Dual Link 8.4 Inches 4U size The LV 5380 is a multi-SDI monitor equipped- with a precision video signal waveform and vectorscope display via a high-fidelity TFT LCD that produces high-quality picture displays. It also offers an embedded audio signal display featuring Lissajous and level-meter configura- tions. Additional features include simultaneous display of two SDI signals, screen capture to USB memory, and on-picture gamut error monitoring. All these features are integrated into a thin, light instrument that allows it to be used in any video production or monitoring application. .tv DOLBY ® DIGITAL PLUS The LV 5770 is a multi monitor that can be customized with a variety of units to meet your needs. The LV 5770 is highly cost effective because it supports full-format 3G-SDI, HD dual link, HD-SDI, and SD-SDI signals. The LV 5770 has a variety of features including simultaneous monitoring of two SDI signals, SDI signal frame capture, lipsync measurement, Picture Monitor Output, and improved flexibility in laying out the display, all of which provide you with leading-edge technology. | +44(0)1932 240 204 |