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CONTENTS ISSUE: 69 SEPTEMBER 2012 FEATURES STORAGE, SECURITY, ARCHIVE, MANAGEMENT 64 Taking on the World of sophisticated asset management 72 Addressing SAN allocation & permission challenges 66 OTT monitoring: keeping it simple and useful 74 Segmenting the archive in the cloud 76 Why is outsourcing archiving to a specialist firm a good option 78 The XDCam recycling service…more reliable than a hard drive and cheaper than a box of XDCam archive discs 68 70 New solutions for accelerated and secure movement of high value content Building a digital archive 78 REGULARS 42 NEWS 58 Asset management and why you have to think at the business level 46 Gold all round for Dick Hobbs 14 Latest IBC news Robin Palmer points out the right colours 56 Industry news Bob Pank looks at Cloud Storage and the end of silos 54 6 Metadata rules with Will Strauss 50 Peter Savage chases the Olympic dream 114 Ask the Experts Tv-bay questions Giles Harvey DoP To catch up with all the news from all the papers watch our monthly live chat show at www. on 4th September 8pm. Follow @broadcastshow Read the full news at and for latest updates follow @tvbaynews on Twitter 56 STORAGE, SECURITY, ARCHIVE, MANAGEMENT... Tony Taylor Giles Harvey Gordon Kapes Matthew Rosenstein Rolf Ollmar Lisa Clark Simon Eldridge Page 42 Page 56 Page 60 Page 64 Page 66 Page 68 Page 70 Search all previous articles at 04 | TV-BAY MAGAZINE