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IBC LATEST NEWS 10.D15 Launching new double eco PDU B ryant Unlimited have announced the launch of a significant new product at IBC, a fully UK manufactured economic, eco-friendly, energy saving power distribution unit. Evolution from compliance monitoring Broadcast racks, IT Racks and Server farms get hot in use and will usually have adjacent aircon to cool them down to a reliable operating temperature. In these days of high energy costs and 24/7 operation, this inefficiency will raise operating costs over time. I Bryant Unlimited’s new Power Distribution Unit PDU 114PEA has an intelligent micro-controller based design to reduce energy otherwise wasted within the PDU. The PDU 114PEA features 14 IEC outlets, each with an associated bi-colour LED to show outlet status. A great many PDU products have mains LEDS using resistors to drop the mains voltage to supply the LED, throwing away 99% of the power within the PDU itself as heat. In the Bryant PDU 114PEA, a dedicated bespoke power supply is used to reduce the power consumption of the LED circuit to less than 0.5W, whereas typical products fitted with mains LEDS consume 10W. PDU114P 34 | TV-BAY MAGAZINE demonstration of how far logging technology has come. n just over a decade, broadcast logging has evolved from a narrow compliance role to a much broader range of monitoring and revenue generating capabilities for broadcasters, cable and satellite companies. At IBC, Mediaproxy will preview the companys new LogServer IP, providing a compelling “The advances we have made have turned loggers into highly diverse appliances for broadcasters, covering far more territory than their original mandate,” said Erik Otto, CEO of Mediaproxy. “LogServer IP is the next generation of logging and is ready to cater to an even wider range of applications in the broadcast chain.” 7.J07 Versatility of automated playout O ASYS will demonstrate the latest features and functions of its automated playout software at IBC. Instant configuration changes will highlight the flexibility and versatility of the OASYS playout software, switching between eight different settings to emphasise the functions that can be performed with just a simple software setting change. This will allow for demonstrations of simple playout, 8.B38C complex branding, simulcasting, multiple channels in a box, time delay playout, multiple branded output, and multiple live inputs.