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IBC LATEST NEWS Autocue Production Suite to make world debut A t IBC 2012 Autocue will launch “Autocue Production Suite”, a unique live production system. Autocue Production Suite can replace conventional devices such as vision and audio mixers, video players, picture-in-picture inserters, caption generators, still stores, chromakeyers, routers, output switchers and recorders. All of these functions are contained within a single, integrated system. Autocue CTO Neil Hutchins said, “When combined with our existing newsroom, automation and prompting applications, we can offer the most flexible and most cost-effective end-to-end workflow or ‘studio in a box’ solution on the market today.” A major benefit of the Autocue Production Suite is that any user can change any item from anywhere across the network, and that change is immediately reflected in the list of automation events maintained by the ACC. 11.F34 11.E55 Autoscript brings E.P.I.C. to Europe for the first time A utoscript will present a wide range of professional teleprompting solutions on Stand at IBC 2012, with the E.P.I.C. (Enhanced Prompting Information Centre) making its European debut following its launch at NAB 2012. Autoscripts systems and solutions are all developed and designed in-house to meet real-world challenges and enhance the production process. The E.P.I.C. is a unique all-in-one prompter display and on-air talent monitor vastly simplifies studio equipment, reduces power consumption and enables easier location prompting, while retaining the advanced features and functions of the Autoscript LED prompter series.