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SPORT NEWS Amazing performance for an Ultra Motion camera O Capture, edit and publish in 5 minutes... can you? R edaction, a term better known in a government context, is now being used to mean editing of live TV programmes to make them ready for re-broadcasting on multiple platforms.  The audience that misses the broadcast live now wants to access the programme at a time that suits them or on a different device, such as an iPad. The problem is that some things broadcast live may have to be removed. Profane language, wardrobe malfunctions, or offensive gestures that slip through on the live broadcast have to go. Similarly advertising slots or channel trailers may need to be removed or even refilled. A three-hour live programme could take hours or days to edit, transcode and publish, the sooner it is available the more revenue can be realised. The sweet spot for getting live programmes re-published is within minutes of the start of the original broadcast. Suitcase TV may have a solution. They begin capturing the live programme and within seconds of the start, operators can be marking up a browse copy with in and out edit points for cuts and effects, including obscuring, object tracking and sound effects. Even though working on the live stream, ShotLogger-Live  offers video scrubbing with job-shuttle or keyboard-mouse. Using the edit decisions created in ShotLogger-Live, the newly redacted broadcast is conformed at the server to provide a preview of the edits for QA approval. Once approved, the live broadcast can be published in multiple formats for multiple platforms and ready to be viewed within minutes. n Saturday 14th July David Haye took on and defeated Dereck Chisora in an epic all-British fight following on from their notorious brawl at a press conference in February. The two settled their differences in the ring at Upton Park, West Ham, in front of an estimated 30,000 fans. The event was televised by Sheffield based OB company Televideo with a total of 19 cameras, and the programme was transmitted in high definition on Boxnation in the UK and worldwide. The action was enhanced by the use of one of Editec’s fleet of Sprintcam Vvs Ultra Slow Motion camera systems at the ringside. Televideo MD Paul Scivill said “The Sprintcam was extremely successful and captured key moments of the event perfectly, at speeds up to 1000fps - amazing performance for an Ultra Motion camera system - the footage has since been used extensively on various news channels.” Steve Cotterill MD Editec said “We were very happy to have been invited by Paul to supply one of our camera systems on such a prestigious event and look forward to working together in future.” Editec are proud to be the sole UK distributors of the I-Movix Sprintcam hi- motion camera system along with the new X-10. Systems can also be rented from Editec along with skilled operators and engineers. Televideo has had 30 years in the OB field, and has an extensive OB fleet including the new HD4. A specialty is sport, with over 300 hours produced every year. 60 | TV-BAY MAGAZINE