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the life and reliability of a router, and it’s not easy. More than one crosspoint has been toasted as a result of an ill-conceived temperature control design. Many manufacturers have wrestled with the cooling problem and some have - in their minds – resolved it by loading a router with fans. We don’t believe that’s enough. Small industrial fans are prone to failure. Some have even mounted fans directly over crosspoint modules, which are typically hotter than any other component. If that crosspoint fan fails, you can’t service it without pulling the crosspoint, which of course kills that crosspoint’s output. We’ve thought about this a lot and have taken a different approach in the form of a single-sled, plug-in blower assembly. The assembly draws air through the front of the router frame, keeps the entire unit cool to specified parameters and exits straight out the back. Importantly, we’ve also made it extremely serviceable. Just slide the assembly out from the front and swap it out. No crosspoints are harmed in the process. There is simply too much that could be covered when talking about router design, but this back-to- basics overview does cover the core considerations. We haven’t even touched on the advent of fibre connectivity, which makes things even hotter inside a router. Perhaps we’ll give that a thorough discussion in a subsequent issue. For now, “Keep cool and carry on” – if you can. PORTABLE DSLR AUDIO RECORDER DC-R302 There are two ways to record audio on your DSLR Without a Fostex DC-R302 Capture stunning HD Video With a Fostex DC-R302 Capture stunning HD Video Record pristine quality stereo sound Record stereo WAV files in 16bit - 44.1/48kHz or 24bit - 44.1/48/96kHz Headphone monitoring of Left / Stereo / Right / Return 48V Phantom power for use with condenser microphones Exclusively distributed by SCV London: Tel: 020 8418 1470. TV-BAY MAGAZINE | 39