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WELCOME ISSUE: 68 AUGUST 2012 W Magazine Office PO Box 6090, Newbury, RG14 9BB, UK How to subscribe All subscription enquiries UK and overseas online at: com/subscribe Switchboard +44 (0)1635 237 237 elcome to issue 68. Firstly, if you’re not into sport then you’re probably having a rough summer and this issue is not about to make it any better. Do bear with us though as the kit we cover this month in our news, IBC preview and sports coverage will, I am sure have something for everyone. So as I sit here keeping one eye on The Olympic coverage and one on the job in hand it’s not hard to get inspiration for putting together our annual sports issue of tv-bay! With 24 HD channels to choose from it’s a constant “back up, up / down, select” with the remote to get the best of what’s on offer! It’s a known fact that technology takes great strides forward in time of world conflict, but sports events also give a huge push for technological achievements and this month Will Strauss has taken a fascinating look at the story behind how kit has, and continues to evolve, around The Olympic Games since the Second World War and the London Games of 1948. 2012 will surely see the World’s most interactive summer of sport with social networks working overtime in tune with online video, turn to page 72 for Ben Darby’s thoughts about “the first year of complete digital sport”. It’s not all about the Summer Games though, our sports remit is wide and we have 2012 kit usage in all manner of sports as you’ll see inside. It’s very nearly IBC time again where the broadcast world descends upon Amsterdam. This issue is suitably timed for our IBC preview news plus we have comments from Jay Hollisey from EF travel – if you’ve wasted too much time looking into show hotels only to find they are either full or too expensive then it may just be time you gave him a call! Last month Dick Hobbs commented on the diminishing acknowledgments for the people behinds the scenes on tv credits. We’ve had a great response from this article and to add further this month the Chairman of the GTC adds his opinion on page 46. I’ll sign of this by stealing a phrase from within an article in this issue which I think sums up the unprecedented coverage on the multiple platforms we have at our finger tips to truly emmerse ourselves in today’s live sports coverage… “we are all watching from home, but digitally we are all watching together”. The next issue will be on our IBC booth a few days after the next live show on 4th September at 8pm on Enjoy the issue... Editor Simon Tillyer, Production Editor Matt Robbins, Advertising Jonathan Highett,jonathan@tv-bay. com Accounts Lucy Turner, Events Selen Sevket, Subscriptions Layout and artwork Dan Butler, +44 (0)1635 250 968 Back copies Can be seen online at... Hard copies available from the office on request. Website Whilst every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of all advertisements and other items in this publication, TV-BAY can accept no responsibility for any errors or omissions or incorrect insertions. No part of this publication may be reproduced without the written permission of TV-BAY. E&OE Terms & conditions available at: Copyright 2004-2012. All trademarks acknowledged. NEED TO CALL US? Simon Tillyer, Tv-bay +44 (0)1635 237237 +44 (0)1635 237 237 Technology, expertise, and opinion... Bob Pank Peter Savage Will Strauss Dick Hobbs Page 30 Page 34 Page 48 Page 98 TV-BAY MAGAZINE | 03