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Drawing 1 Drawing 2 Photo 3 “U Link” or a completely cut cable), will be immediately apparent to the Tester, along with an indication of the distance to that fault. This TDR is a very powerful test, showing you instantly where along the cable’s length the problem lies, and is far superior to testing techniques used by other Testers which, perched at the ‘receive’ end of the cable, would be useless. In fact, by using a dummy load jig with a non-inductive variable resistor to vary the termination at the end of the cable, it is practical to use the Murraypro Test Chest to determine the characteristic impedance of the coaxial cable in use! Murraypro’s Test Chest incorporates this impressive high value TDR feature at no extra cost, because it’s advanced digital circuitry already possesses the required signal processing power to display these reflections, as part of its existing Composite Video and balanced analogue audio capability; a feature unmatched by other Video Testers. Further details are available on this TDR and the ‘Test Chest 3 G’ in general, is available on the Murraypro Web site:- MAXIMISE BROADCAST INFRASTRUCTURE Mains Distribution Skeleton Cable Drums Video and Audio Cable Connectors and Accessories Fibre Optic Solutions See A at IB rgosy C no. 1 stand 0.C5 1 Patch Panels Rack Systems Routing Switchers STOCKS NOw AVAILABLE FROM OUR SALFORD QUAYS DEPOT CABLES CONNECTORS PATCH PANELS MDUs RACK SYSTEMS FIBRE/HYBRID CABLES ROUTERS VIDEO ACCESSORIES Argosy products are available from stocks at locations in the UK, UAE, India and Malaysia Argosy TV Bay UK 185x133.indd 1 TV-BAY067JUL12.indd 71 Argosy is a leading international supplier of HD broadcast cables and studio infrastructure products. Its established portfolio of products include a complete range of video, audio and power cables, connectors, fibre optic solutions, routing switchers, rack systems, KVM switches and the Sonarae NLE audio monitoring system as well as an array of video accessories. ARGOSY t: +44 1844 202101 f: +44 1844 202025 e: TV-BAY 29/06/2012 14:28 71 MAGAZINE | 05/07/2012 22:31