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WORLD NEWS Investing in loudness control A The Aqua Dashboard A qua DashBoard is a server- based system process and workflow-monitoring software tool from Suitcase TV. DashBoard offers a customisable viewing portal of your broadcast system status, using graphical displays such as traffic light style indicators, gauges and graphs.   At a glance, the operator can detect whether systems are operating as expected, anticipate, view and escalate any potential issues.  Unlike many network monitoring applications that often use SNMP monitoring, DashBoard can report on every aspect of the system: media job processing, storage monitoring, application activity (including database activity), hardware status, network/bandwidth monitoring.   s part of a series of recent significant sales in the region, German dynamics processing manufacturer Junger Audio has sold 22 of its B46 four-channel digital dynamics processors to the Fujian Media Group, located in Fu Zhou City in Chinas Fujian Province. The B46 units use Junger Audios proprietary LEVEL MAGIC adaptive control algorithm, which is now being used to control loudness levels across the Fujian Media Groups extensive range of broadcast output. Junger Audios LEVEL MAGIC algorithm is based on a simultaneous combination of an AGC, a Transient Processor for fast changes and a look ahead Peak Limiter for continuous unattended control of any programme material, regardless of its original source. Capable of using any kind of I/O (Analog and Digital) sources, as well as SDI, HD/SDI, Dolby 5.1 and all its related metadata, LEVEL MAGIC is available in a variety of configurations to suit different applications. DashBoard also displays trends as well as current status and is capable of sending text and e-mail alerts. On-location 5.1 surround sound capture W hen Sound Designer/Supervisor Cameron Frankley and Sound Mixer John Fasal were tasked with capturing the ambient audio for the film the Hangover Part II in Bangkok, the team packed its Sound Devices 788T multi-track digital audio recorders and DPA 5100 mobile surround microphones, confident the gear would help them effectively secure the films 5.1 location audio.  Frankley and Fasal hit the streets of Bangkok, recording everything from the bustle of the marketplaces to the sounds of the cigarette boats and tuk-tuks (open air taxis) unique to Thailand. The pair visited every location that existed in the film, as they had access to rooftops, basements, marketplaces and intersections. The team constructed two sound rigs to cover different areas and aspects of the city simultaneously. The rigs included Sound Devices 788T, using six channels for the handheld DPA 5100 mobile surround mic, with channel 7 and 8 reserved for MS shotgun micseffectively recording eight channels at all times. The rig gave the team the ability to walk into any environment with the 5.1 mic on a boom pole, holding it down low to the street or, if there was too much direct sound, raising it as high as 15 feet above the crowd. Compact camera interface developed using BBC R&D Stagebox Technology Broadcast quality 100MB/s AVC-I video over standard IT networks Bidirectional HD-SDI, Audio, Comms, Tally, Timecode Completely synchronised over the network TV Bay Advert May 2012 Stagebox.pu... page 1 TV-BAY067JUL12.indd 7 TV-BAY MAGAZINE | 07 Wednesday, 25 April 2012 14:25 05/07/2012 22:23