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monitored. From this top-level view, an operator can drill down to individual system components for more detailed operational status or to change settings. The hybrid RollMap/multiviewer feature combines high-quality video and a RollMap-generated background with an overlay showing Hyperion alarm status. Visual confirmation of correct signals complements the video, audio, and metadata alarm information also provided by Hyperion to give users a secondary level of confidence that content is correct at both internal and remote locations. An overlay of audio data is presented on the individual thumbnail when the operator zooms in on it. Using low-bandwidth video thumbnails sent over IP rather than a costly satellite link, Hyperion enables cost-effective remote monitoring and content identification from source to output. Delivery of thumbnails from a regional site to a central location thus supports hub-and- spoke playout models, enabling broadcast groups to use their expert engineering resources more effectively across multiple sites or stations. Because Hyperion technology is being integrated into Snell’s IQ Modular™ products that process video, audio, metadata, and other content, it is automatically distributed throughout the broadcast plant where these infrastructure products are installed. By using Snell infrastructure products to distribute Hyperion monitoring points in this way, customers can gain tremendous extra value throughout their operations. The sophisticated monitoring and QC capabilities of Hyperion enable highly efficient and cost-effective content monitoring by fewer staff at fewer sites. This technology is now being implemented in all new Snell products, whether hardware- or software-based, to facilitate system-wide content monitoring with multiple monitoring points throughout the broadcast signal chain. TV-BAY MAGAZINE | 63 TV-BAY067JUL12.indd 63 05/07/2012 22:31