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design cycle for such products is long and costly. This is not the case with software based measurement solutions. Provided the computer has a sufficiently powerful central processor and enough bandwidth resources, processing and analysing 4K is not much more difficult than stereoscopic or high-definition formats. They can all be done on the same platform. Real-Check SoloQC from Cel-Soft provides all the traditional tools of waveform monitor, vectorscope, parade and histogram displays at 4K resolutions in the same way as HD or any other formats. Added to those, analysis of photo-sensitive epilepsy risk and gamut errors as well the detection of defective pixels can be done at the same time. Live sources or edit playout can be ported via low-cost capture cards from the likes of Blackmagic, AJA and Bluefish. Being software based, this type of product can also handle media files in 4K as well as those in HD/2K. Incidentally, it you want to play with some 4K footage, there are some good clips on YouTube if can handle the gigabyte downloads. Increased use of 4K will pose additional new challenges such as being more sensitive to blemishes, be they on the lens, the set or even the talent. So more care with lens wipes, paint or make-up could be called for in a 4K world. The end results could be quite spectacular and will probably tie in with the advance to large-size ‘retina-quality’ displays. Robin Palmer is Managing Director of Cel-Soft and is currently involved with software solutions for 3D & TV quality control and measurement technology. Join the IOV today and start using our logo to INSTITUTE OF VIDEOGRAPHY endorse your business! Anyone can benefit from free access to our study material on the VideoSkills website This online study resource defines the core competencies of videography, outlining all the knowledge you should know in order to operate a professional videography business. The study material is broken down into the craft skills of Camera, Lighting, Audio and Post Production - plus a section on Business & Legal which outlines all the legislation and IOV regulations relating to videography. Once you have joined as an Ordinary Member you will be given access to the Associate Member exam. This consists of a multiple choice test across all five exam categories. Work through each exam at your own pace, and once you pass you can start to benefit from using the IOV logo in your marketing materials. Give yourself a head start at Benefits: > Focus Magazine > Preferential Insurance > Discounted Merchant Services > Free Advice Line > Technical, Creative & Business > Forums > Work Sharing > Free Arbitration Service > Lobbying and Representation > Area Meetings > Free Standard Contracts > Entry into the IOV Awards > IOV Anti-Piracy Holograms > Exclusive YP Advertising For more details on the IOV and our benefits of membership Visit - TV-BAY MAGAZINE | 57 TV-BAY067JUL12.indd 57 05/07/2012 22:24