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With close links to many leading manufacturers who have been keen to support the live show we operate a completely inclusive kit list rotating, for example, from Vinten to Libec, Panasonic to JVC and Autocue to Autoscript . Our three camera feeds and audio inputs are fed to the Autocue “Production Suite in a Box”, which is the heart of the studio and as it’s not due for release until IBC is going through immense development, you can read their monthly tech blog on the next page. We are self confessed “not lighting experts”. We have access to some of the best studio lighting solutions in the industry from Cirrolite and as is our way it was rigged up to get us going in a fashion. Let’s say at the moment it’s practical, it provides light! Over the coming shows we’ll have lighting experts in the studio to change, tweak, replace lights to get the best result – explaining why, how and the cost implications of every option. Look at the live show as an evolving studio project with each show using different kit and making better use of the core equipment. Why stream LIVE you might ask? We want to cover all bases here; yes a pre-recorded show would certainly make life less stressful but is that what you want to watch? Our live show page incorporates a chat screen and twitter feeds so as to encourage viewer interaction. This was certainly the case in show one with most guests being asked questions from “how much”, “does it work with....” with one even asking Steffan from Polecam to jump up and down on our Peli case (as if throwing it off the building at the start of the show wasn’t enough!). So from studio set-up, ingest, production switching, output and stream the show incorporates all broadcast kit as well as being used in between monthly shows for our shorter recorded product and technology showcases. Kit appearing in the studio for show# 1... AutoCue ( BMAC46 Monitor fed with SDI, supported by a Unicol ( AXIA 1500 stand and trolley. Panasonic ( cameras HPX250 and 171 with Libec ( tripods LS-55 and LS-70 plus a Sony EX-3 for the studio tour. KinoFlo ( 4ft 4 Bank lights. AutoCue ( Master series MSP12 Prompter. Rode (www. Procaster desk mics plus a tie mic Presonus (www. Studio Live 16 channel digital audio mixer with Genelec 8020 two way active monitors. All using Mogami cable Workstation Specialists PC (www.workstationspecialist. com) Telestream with their Wirecast solution. (www. Stream UK (www.streamuk. com) AutoCue ( “Production Suite in a box” Polecam, (www.polecam. com) powered by PAG ( and used with the Blackmagic Cinema Camera plus AF101 for outside recorded PELI challenge shoot. Next LIVE show 18th JULY 8pm BST 50 | TV-BAY MAGAZINE TV-BAY067JUL12.indd 50 05/07/2012 22:24