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BroadcastShow goes LIVE! O k so a printed magazine is read and passed around, electronic magazines are occasionally skimmed and are an expected compliment to print as a web article is great for search engines. What however do we spend our lives doing? Mostly, if you are reading this, then it would be acquisition, editing and distribution of your completed job. It will come as no surprise to you I am sure that tv-bay magazine is run by people passionate about video (and audio), not publishers or journalists by trade but people that wanted to get some useful, easy to absorb information into the hands of the industry. 67 issues in this formula seems to be working. So surely the next natural progression is getting this team of passionate people to set up and run a tv channel? BroadcastShow was born at IBC2011 where a tv-bay camera crew spent 4 days interviewing over 120 exhibitors, the results of which are on show on, 48 | TV-BAY MAGAZINE TV-BAY067JUL12.indd 48 YouTube (tvbaybroadcastshow channel) and embedded into numerous exhibitor websites who find the content a good medium for their customers to learn what they are doing. This trade show interview theme has now been done at all the UK and major international shows in the last 12 months with over 60,000 video views across the various platforms. Trade show interviews are great and buzzy but for the tv channel our own studio was needed and with around 500sqft to play with in an internal room (quiet, cool) within our industrial unit it seemed a good use of space. The format of the show is simple; source as much cutting edge broadcast kit from willing manufacturers as possible, rotate it regularly and talk about it and to the people behind it in each show. Add to this a mix of news, reviews, interviews, tests and demonstrations and you have BroadcastShow LIVE! Next LIVE show 18th JULY 8pm BST 05/07/2012 22:24