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and ease of recording onto CF Cards. Working with a small group of freelancers, we all have two of each camera’s. With the OB side, the challenge was to fine a good, easy to use, and well-priced mixer, and the Blackmagic ATEM 1 M/E has fitted the bill perfectly. One of our two units is fitted in a 19inch Rack bag, which also has a 7inch HDMI monitor for preview, and an SVGA to HDMI Scalar for feeding computer inputs into the machine. Control of the mixer is with a small netbook, so the whole system, including two cameras can be loaded into a cart, and 2 people can move everything at once. Setup is about 15min and it has revolutionised our work. What new products/ technology are you looking forward to the most?  I would certainly like to see the cost of fibre come down the cost of connecting up in HDSDI is high, and conventional cable length is so limited. Also a much more affordable solid-state media in large capacities would be great. During your career what has been the biggest “turning point” in terms of new technology? The first was a move from U-Matic to Betacam SP. It seemed like another world! The second was the introduction of computer based editing. My first system was from FAST and I think cost about £27,000 with about 15 hours of storage! Nowadays systems have become so affordable but storage and backup is still a major issue. I sometimes crave the idea of “a tape on a shelf” And the third was the explosion of HD. To have a complete HD rig all working to broadcast spec for a cost of about £13,000 is something I could only dream of. My single Beta SP Camera/recorder cost more than that. What is your favourite / least favourite things about working in the industry? I love the total variety of work and challenges. It can be a simple one- camera lecture one day and a multi camera OB for 35,000 people the next! I love seeing the reaction of school pupils when you show them the finished product about their part of the school, or their nativity play. It makes it all worthwhile On the negative point, computer- editing systems drive me nuts. No matter whose system you use, there are far too many bugs! I am forever on forums looking for answers, and wish that especially in a new launch much more testing was done. TV-BAY MAGAZINE | 41 TV-BAY067JUL12.indd 41 05/07/2012 22:24