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WORLD NEWS iPad helping mobile journalism Ireland’s national television and radio broadcaster, RTÉ, has developed and is about to pilot a new acquisition model for mobile journalism that uses Avid Studio for iPad. By deploying a mobile journalist kit, which includes a microphone, iPhone, iPad and downloadable apps, RTÉ journalists in the field are able to produce broadcast-quality footage, edit it to a professional standard and then send it straight to air – at a glance making their news gathering operations much faster and more efficient. Apps to sync and store confidential data The new TeamDrive secure file synchronization and sharing application is now available for free download from the Apple App Store and Google Play Store for Android. The new TeamDrive apps for the iPhone, iPad and Android devices support the automatic and secure synchronization of files. TeamDrive users enjoy secure access to their own files and files from work colleagues and friends. Alternatively, files can also be used offline, allowing confidential documents to be accessed “on the move.” Once connected to the Internet, all data is synchronized automatically. For security, all files are encrypted on the mobile devices and before transport; the application itself is password-protected; and high- level encryption (AES 256) comes as standard. With TeamDrive only the client has the encryption keys for the files. TeamDrive alone offers the choice of TeamDrive cloud, public cloud, private cloud via the use of your own server onsite or at third-party datacenters, or any combination of these three options. Capturing Goodwood Festival of Speed in 3D for the first time S ky and Sony have revealed that they will be filming and screening the iconic Goodwood Festival of Speed in High Definition 3D for the first time ever this weekend with an all new set up.  In a world first, Sony’s PMW- TD300 single-lens shoulder-mount 3D camcorder will be used in conjunction with the SR-R1 SRMASTER recorder to capture interviews and onsite content, and recording the action in high quality 3D to take viewers into the heart of the action like never before. Following the success of the partnership that brought the Isle of Wight Festival into the homes of Sky customers across the UK in 3D last week, Goodwood - Britain’s largest annual automotive and motor sport exhibition - is the latest high profile event to be captured and broadcast in 3D as demand for compelling 3D content continues to grow.  Sony will again provide technical expertise and equipment for the Sky Sports production and by combining the high quality 3D image capture from the Sony PMW-TD300 with leading edge SRMASTER memory-based technology, production teams will benefit from the ability record two content streams simultaneously enabling them to film once and screen in both 2D and 3D. Goodwood is the latest in a series of major summer sporting events that will benefit from Sony’s 3D broadcasting production technology this year, joining Wimbledon and the UEFA Champions League Final in getting a 3D makeover.  The shots from the TD300 and SR-R1 will be supplemented by traditional 3D rig set ups using Sony HDC-P1 cameras.  Nine 3ality rigs will be set up on the hill and 3 Element Technica rigs will be in position in the studio. New home for top broadcast classifieds site T o those that may have been frustrated with com in the past you’ll be pleased to know tv-bay has now migrated the site to new web servers. Featuring quad core CPU’s, 16Gb RAM and a host of other great features are now flying along with record adverts being added over the last few weeks and already seeing an increase in buyer/ seller interactions. features on offer including links to the freely available e-zine version of this magazine! So if you’ve been gone a while then give it another go and you’ll be amazed with both the speed and the TV-BAY MAGAZINE | 31 TV-BAY067JUL12.indd 31 05/07/2012 22:23