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with the BMD TV studio much of the other kit is controlled by Ethernet and the TV Studio has a USB 2 output that streams h.264 encoded program out direct into a PC for recording if you wish. At this point I considered the hassle of trying to connect cameras, PC’s, monitors and audio feeds to the ports on the back of the various units. The system needed to be flexible and the configuration could change from job to job. I did not fancy having to delve about in the case trying to find the correct sockets for cables and this would inevitably lead to bad connections. I decided to present the connections on the back of the case using Neutrik passthrough connectors. that supplied the correct voltage and amps to power all the kit. This I found and installed. A simple IEC mains filter/ splitter was also installed to feed the PS and the new PSU and this wired to the back on a single locale Neutrik power connector. Gaps in the case were filled with punched out metal blacking plates to allow air to flow and the job was complete. I was concerned at first that the unit would get too hot, and there would not be a enough airflow, but this proved not to be a problem. I have had the whole system running for days in a hot room and so far not a single problem. Next issue I will go in to more detail on the each of the pieces of kit installed and how it has been configured. If you have questions make sure you follow me on twitter @jpratchett I will be tweeting about my use of this system and other equipment I use regularly. I am not a great solderer so passthrough connectors allow you to use short cables inside the rack and connect them to the back of the Neutrik connectors without soldering wires. I have just about got everything presented on the back. All the BNC connectors, HDMI, XLR, USB, VGA/ Ethernet, and even optical Toslink are presented on the back. This means all the connections inside the unit are not disturbed. I forgot to mention power. If I was to use the brick 12v blocks for all this kit, it would not fit in the rack. One advantage of all the BMD kit is it uses exactly the same voltage/ amps. All I needed to find was a PSU TV-BAY MAGAZINE | 63