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WORLD NEWS New engineering manager ramps up production U SeeSense pockets Joeycam order M iniature camera specialists SeeSense have supplied a Toshiba IK-HR1S high definition camera system to enable natural history documentary makers to record the early development of a newborn Joey within its mother’s pouch. K broadcast equipment firm Polecam has hired a new engineering manager to oversee its increasingly busy production and research and development work. the tight and dark confines of a Red Kangaroos pouch. The slim profile circular LED pad produces a dimmable, true daylight colour temperature source of soft, even illumination. The Rosco 75mm diameter circular light source was drilled centrally so that the camera lens could protrude through, accurate machining ensuring that it was a tight fit on the lens and would not work loose when inserted into the pouch. Experienced engineer Terry Halliday is tasked with ramping up Polecams production of the new Canon C300- compatible Long Head as well as its Wire Strut System and Starter Pack and other products. The Bedford-based company has recently sold its 400th rig (a Starter Pack Plus to DJ Chris Evans firm UMTV) and launched the pan/tilt- controlled Long Head at US trade show NAB to widespread acclaim. A specially modified light source was also supplied in order illuminate   to  THE TOTAL BROADCAST MICROPHONE SOLUTION In the studio or on location, Røde microphones combine uncompromised audio performance with innovative features designed to enhance your workflow and optimise results – all at prices that will make your budget travel a lot further. Find out more about Røde broadcast microphones at NEW HS1-B HS1-P Lavalier Clear audio, low handling noise and subtle, ergonomic design with full mechanical adjustment and a choice of MiCon™ connecting accessories. Pristine sound quality, low handling noise, water resistant pop filter/ mini furry and a flexible range of MiCon™ connecting accessories. From voiceover recording to on-air and podcasting, a comprehensive range of high quality microphones encompassing condenser, dynamic and USB models. Shotgun mics at killer prices. A choice of high performance microphones including the new NTG-8, plus a range of camera- mounting models. A full range of shockmounts, windshields and boompoles designed to ensure exceptional results in every application. HEADSET LAVALIER VOICEOVER SHOTGUN ACCESSORIES Procaster Exclusively distributed in the UK & Ireland by Source T: 020 8962 5080 W: NTG-8 Blimp TV-BAY MAGAZINE | 15