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REVIEW Editors Keys Portable Vocal Booth position utilising the desk stand was ideal. Portable means folding and as such the front legs supporting the booth are slightly too far back in our opinion causing possible instability on the desk especially when using the nylon pop filter fitted to the base of the mic causing the booth to be very slightly “front” heavy – not a massive issue but worth noting we think. The mic is of the USB variety so with no XLR option it must go via your PC/MAC. When connected, with the lovely long USB cable supplied, it is immediately recognised and lights up a nice blue colour. The ‘Portable Vocal Booth’ works by diffusing thte acoustic waves surrounding the microphone and preventing the sound from bouncing back towards the mic which can often change the sound of your recording. The specially moulded foam is shaped in a way which helps to create dry vocals and also prevents exterior noise entering into your mic. The ‘Pro’ version we tested also has a punched aluminium back, which adds an extra layer of audio deflection. M ore manufacturers these days are sending us kit to try out and for this audio issue of tv-bay we managed to get our hands on the 2nd Edition Portable Vocal Booth Pro 2 which comes complete with floor and desk stand options. We would normally find an expert in the particular field of the product but this was perfect timing as we’ve been meaning to create some “how-to” videos for tv-bay for a long time. We often get calls asking how to do this and how to do that, most of which are explained in our FAQ’s, but some people prefer to watch rather than read so this is an overdue section of our help menu for which a simple mic plugged into the PC in our office just doesn’t sound professional! The 2nd edition model contains a three part barn door style folding vocal screen with an improved foam structure, clamp, mic stand, upgraded full floor stand and the new desk stand mount which is effectively three legs that attach to the booth. Our package also included the optional Editors Keys SL300 USB microphone (a large-diaphragm condenser studio mic with shock mount) and pop filter with bracket to remove those annoying pops from plosive ‘P’ and ‘B’ sounds. The tripod style floor stand wasn’t needed for our use as the “how-to’s” are basically screen shots with voice over so a seated 70 | TV-BAY MAGAZINE We recorded a before and after take for our “how-to” clips and the difference was, as expected, noticeable. In an open plan office the bounce back without the sound booth created an undesirable sound, with the booth in place it provided a very clean and smooth audio recording. You can see the results using it by viewing our how to clips on A quick “peter piper” tongue twister provided amusement in the office and outstanding proof that the booth together with pop filter do a great job. Excluding the microphone and pop filter options the cost is just £169.99 with a bundle available to include the SL150 Microphone for £254.99 and SL300 Microphone for £269.99 all ex VAT and available Scan this QR to from Editors Keys see the full spec and options available Design Ease of assembly Effectiveness Price Would we buy one? Yes, without a doubt!