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Tempest2400 with Seamless Roaming N E W! We’ve got you covered everywhere. Clear-Com’s Tempest2400 system just got even more amazing with the new Seamless Roaming feature. Tempest wireless users can effortlessly roam through an expansive production area, comprising up to 16 different zones, with continuous and reliable coverage. Combining this with Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum and 2xTX transmission redundancy, Tempest2400 is the most dependable and sophisticated 2.4 GHz wireless intercom system, working flawlessly even in wi-fi saturated environments. For more product information or sales contact: Copyright © 2012. Clear-Com, LLC. All rights reserved. ® Clear-Com and Clear-Com logo are registered trademarks of HM Electronics, Inc. Tempest and Tempest logo are registered trademarks of CoachComm, LLC. TV-BAY MAGAZINE | 37