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Atom OS3 version of firmware which was released at the show with features such as peaking, zebra’s and metadata to name but a few. It also meant that the material recorded on the P2 was a back-up to the Samurai’s 5 hours of HD on one disk which gives that extra layer of peace of mind when shooting one-off interviews with the likes of Steadicam inventor Garrett Brown. with their new Croma light and it never left the camera for the next 3 days! Although it has external power options we used the internal battery option and with six good AA batteries (we tried cheap at first and paid for it) lasted around 2 hours. Large controls on the side give brightness and more importantly light colour control that quickly enabled us to line up any shot with minimal effort. The Croma was mounted solidly on a K-Tek cold shoe extender, this then gave the option to mount other items such as the Atomos Samurai. Why, might you ask, are we using a Samurai when the HPX-250 records in broadcast quality on P2? Well we do a lot of editing on FCP and Premiere and wanted to speed up our workflow so taking an SDI from the camera into the Samurai allows us to take advantage of the new Audio was provided by the Sennheiser 8060 mic and as this is the audio issue of tv- bay we have a full review of this and how it performed on page 68. In a noisy show the directional capabilities were truly outstanding. Doubling up as soundman I have to report the HD 25-2 II headphones were simply wonderful cutting out external noise and delivery true crisp audio when needed. The only thing missing from our setup was a gimbal cup holder and this was loaned to us by Polecam so we could fight over which one of us put our bottle of water in it! So there we have it, from the ground up the kit we were able to use at NAB was a true pleasure to use and just not so much of a pleasure to give back! Take a look at the NAB event page on www. to see the interviews and catch up with what you may have missed at NAB 2012. e to see the onlin an review just sc e. this cod TV-BAY MAGAZINE | 31