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WORLD NEWS Bi-directional audio snake T he Glensound GSnake 400M is a very flexible and powerful digital audio snake. It has been developed on the back of the link technology as used in the GDC 6432 Digital Commentary System, so the core technology has been tried and tested at the world’s largest sporting events. The system comprises two units, a 2U 19” base station, and a 2U free standing or stackable stage box. It’s Glensound’s link technology between the two units that adds the power. Three links are available – all digital 24 bit 48kHz. The most robust link is using coaxial cable. This is always available and allows a distance between units of 400 metres (1312 feet) and also carries the power to the stage box, so only a single cable connection is required. There is now a choice as the GSnake has to be specified with an Ethernet option, either copper or fibre. The copper Ethernet gives a 100m (328 feet) range and also carries safe power to the stage box using a version of PoE. Using VLANs this link can also be passed using managed switches. With the fibre link the two units can obviously be several miles or kilometres apart, with the stagebox being powered locally. The flexibility of the GSnake 400M lies in the configuration of the unit. There is no software control or configuration required as such. Audio from module 1 at one end goes to module 1 at the other end. Whether this is a send or return depends on the module that you use in slot 1. In this way, the 16 available channels can be configured in any combination required: 16 sends from the stage to act as a direct stage link, 8 sends and 8 returns to take direct links with 8 monitoring returns, or 2 sends and 14 returns for a stereo programme with multiple monitoring – it just depends what modules that you use. NBC Olympics chooses Avid Live sports production T ightrope Media Systems has announced that Time Warner Cable will simplify live sports production and enhance the regional sports viewing experience with ZEPLAY multi-channel instant replay systems.  The company will install ten ZEPLAY units across several of its biggest sports markets through late summer.   A vid today announced that it will deploy the most comprehensive Avid workflow in the history of NBC Olympics, a division of the NBC Sports Group to support its coverage of the 2012 Olympic Games taking place in London, England, 27 July 12 August, 2012. TV-BAY MAGAZINE | 11