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I’d just like to say a few words at this point with regard to a condition known as acronym hell - the desire for engineers and technologists to wrap as much detail as possible into a minimal word count. Getting to grips with such acronyms as PCR, PID, ETR, TDT, CAT, PES, EIT, and MDL etc. has been ‘interesting’. I must admit that I thought the world had gone completely mad when I replied to a transport stream customer with a reference to ‘T&M’ and he actually asked what it meant! The important point here is that within a 1U half rack or 2U space, a truly multi signal toolset is now available and seeing this in action rather than reading about the seamless way the different toolsets are employed are best viewed on the stand. I’m happy to add the incentive of a free mouse mat for those of you who have read down to this part of the article and visit us at NAB. The PHABRIX Rx is a modular rack mount solution with the ability to accommodate up to four option modules supporting up to 8 simultaneous SDI channels. Different chassis types ranging from a 1U ½ rack rasterizer through to a 2U dual screen instrument with audio monitoring are available for different applications and budgets. The module slots can be configured to target a particular testing requirement be it video or audio, compressed or uncompressed and associated signal types. Instruments on each module can be controlled independently and the output screen of each instrument delivered via front panel interface, HDMI or SDI output. All chassis provide a multi-viewer of instrumentation on an external monitor at 1920 x 1080. Remember it can accommodate up to 8 simultaneous SDI channels or 8 optical if required so the appeal for the broadcast manufacturer is considerable, particularly when controlled remotely with extensive logging. With a single chassis control centre the addition of more modules rapidly reduces the capital cost per signal. Alternatively if you’re not reading this on the plane and would still like a mouse mat please drop me an email at and I will unashamedly bribe you with a visit from our sales team. TV-BAY MAGAZINE | 69