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New from The most comprehensive 7 inch HD LCD display on the market today. Designed for DSLR cameras and field monitoring, and offering a wide range of professional features, this popular ultra lightweight monitor weighs only 600 grams and operates equally well as either a production monitor or on-camera display. � 7” 1024 x 600 (16:9) Resolution � White LED Backlight � Waveform/Vectorscope (Y/Cb/Cr, Wide Type, Line Waveform, Full Size) � Magnesium Alloy Housing, Light Weight � HDMI Loop Through � HDMI to SDI conversion � Focus Peaking � Exposure Tools A feature unique to the LVM-074W is TVLogic’s new user selectable Temperature Adaptive Colour function that measures LCD panel temperature and automatically compensates for the white balance drift caused by cold or hot weather. PORTABLE DSLR AUDIO RECORDER DC-R302 There are two ways to record audio on your DSLR Without a Fostex DC-R302 Capture stunning HD Video With a Fostex DC-R302 Capture stunning HD Video Record pristine quality stereo sound Record stereo WAV files in 16bit - 44.1/48kHz or 24bit - 44.1/48/96kHz Headphone monitoring of Left / Stereo / Right / Return 48V Phantom power for use with condenser microphones Exclusively distributed by SCV London: Tel: 020 8418 1470. TV-BAY MAGAZINE | 61