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20 years operating the largest uplink fleet in Europe, along with securing the best product development talent in the UK, has allowed us to produce the most innovative satellite product range on the market today. The ultimate in portability, reliability and power Our new market-changing VSAT terminal weighs less than 12kg (26lbs) and fits neatly into a backpack for easy transportation. Fully integrated with no removable parts ManPak is operational in three minutes. High performance motorised vehicle mounted satellite uplink DriveForce™ features a carbon fibre 1.8m dish for high bandwidth HD transmissions. Functioning in Ka, Ku, X and C bands it boasts the highest operational wind performance available. Size is everything This compact HD/SD SNG uplink unit works seamlessly with its integrated bookings system capacity. Available with a 0.75, 1.0 and 1.2 metre reflector, it can be flown as standard luggage and mounted on any vehicle, or used as a flyaway.