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CANON & FUJINON LENSES AT COMPETITIVE PRICES CANON HJ40 x10B IASD CANON PJ70 x9.5B IE II-D FUJINON A20 x7 CANON J20 x7.5B IED CANON HJ22 ex7.6B IRSE FUJINON AH24 x7 CANON XJ75 x9.3B IE-D CANON XJ86 x9.3B IE-II FUJINON A44 x9.5 FUJINON A55 x9.5 ALL IN GEARHOUSE STOCK ALSO AVAILABLE CANON FFP-T61 MANUAL FOCUS CONTROLLER CANON FMJ-702 FLEXIBLE MODULE CANON SUP-NS3 LENS SUPPORTER FOR BOX LENS T +44 (0)845 820 0000 E W !"#$"% &'(")*+, for New 2012 Designed and manufactured in the UK, this matte box is a cost effective solution for the DOP looking for high quality and reliable operation. 114mm diameter professional back clamp. Two filter sections; one static, one fully rotating. Clamp-on or bar supportable. Full range of!light reflex rings available. Barn doors optional. bl e Availa tock Folding French flag as standard. s from Less than 750g. ---.#$/"%"01.2+./3 True Lens Services Ltd, 20 Bank Terrace, Barwell, Leicestershire LE9 8GG, UK Tel: 01455 848411 Fax: 01455 848311 85 | TV-BAY MAGAZINE