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It appears as a network input to the TriCaster, leaving all cameras inputs for the cameras and therefore providing a complete integrated solution for live production with a small footprint. 3Play 425 can record up to 30 hours in HD, for immediate replay and is paired with a premium hardware control surface. The Keys of the concept-car The MINI LiveMan is one of a kind concept-car that goes beyond the previous integrated MINI. Want to take the road? by Cécile Labarde, 3D Storm Communication 3 D Storm, the distributor of NewTek products in EMEA integrated a MINI Countryman with a complete and fully operational HD Live Production system. When 3D Storm started the MINI LiveManTM project, the concept was to showcase the latest production systems developed by NewTek TM. Two key words: Compact, all-terrain. MINI cars were used at several occasions as OB vehicles. NewTek toured the United States with a MINI, then with a Smart, showing that there was no need of a truck to fit in production equipments. SIS LIVE also showed that a MINI Clubman could be mounted with an antenna to broadcast live. With the release of TriCaster 450 Extreme TM and 3Play 425 TM, the compact models of NewTek production and replay systems, 3D STORM decided to launch a Tour in Europe to showcase the small footprint and usability of NewTek systems. For the first time, a mini SUV production vehicle is fully operational and can broadcast live from anywhere. TriCaster as the center piece The production system is centered on TriCaster 450 Extreme. The 14-channel portable live production switcher in a 2U rack provides four video inputs SDI and Component HD and SD, also Y/C and composite. TriCaster 450 Extreme offers great flexibility and can simultaneously output in HD and SD. 62 | TV-BAY MAGAZINE TriCaster makes the difference with the integrated IsoCorder™ technology developed by NewTek. It provides the ability to record up to four channels of video from any inputs or outputs, in various formats such as QuickTime, AVI, MP-4 (H.264) and MPEG-2. Fully Operational Production System 3D STORM wanted to push the limits further by making the MINI LiveMan a fully operational production vehicle that could be used for live events production. The MINI LiveMan production system was completed with the 3Play 425, the 6-channel replay system, four- input, two-output, that supports the simultaneous display and synchronized, continuous recording of up to four live video sources in HD or SD. Two separate video and audio outputs are supplemented by an additional HDMI output. 3Play425 video comes in MPEG-2 up to 100 Mbit VBR, uncompressed audio at 96 kHz and 32-bit recording. 3Play 425 supports the following video formats: 1080/25p, 1080/50i, 720/50p, 720/25p, 576/25i, High quality interpolated slow- motion and multi-angle switching during live playback, gives the opportunity to deliver a professional presentation, instant, in-game creation of playlists and highlight reels with transitions and soundtracks. . During playback, it is possible to switch between cameras and to use various angles. 3Play 425 includes over-the-network integration with NewTek TriCaster™. The complete production system was integrated in the trunk of the MINI. The MINI LiveMan system can easily be used from the back of the car, hatchback opened, with retractable control surfaces mounted on slides. It can also be used as a portable kit, easily moved closer to the event and linked to the uPod for instant satellite connexion with just a cable. The MINI LiveMan concept-car would not have been possible without a strong partnership between some of the key players of the industry in Europe. The project gathered together the latest and most advanced systems and technologies developed by NewTek, SIS LIVE and JVC. SIS LIVE handled the systems design and integration. Their engineering team completed the project in less than two weeks at their Milton Keynes workshop, fitting the 3Play 425, the TriCaster 450 Extreme and their respective control surfaces in the trunk of the MINI. JVC was really interested in being part of the Tour as well and provided two Pro 24” LCD monitors and two of their latest JVC Cameras GY-HM750E. SIS LIVE added their state-of-the art uPod®, a fully automated, compact, SNG uplink system mounted on to the roof making the MINI LiveMan the first compact and all-terrain HD Live Production vehicle. Follow the MINI LiveMan Tour on