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High-Power Linking Batteries Flight friendly Link up to 8 batteries Time Battery e-series Built-in Run-Time display Charge linked batteries 50% UK Patent Applications 1115200.6 & 1115203.0 12A View all features at Viewfinder data Linked power Paglight is LED, Halogen & HMI Why buy an LED only light when you could have the ultimate TV news camera light? Paglight does it all - LED, HMI Arc and Tungsten Halogen. Paglight’s patented plug-in lamp holder design means you always have the right lighting technology for any professional situation HMI LED Paglight LED Specification: Output 900 lux at 2m Consumption 11W Daylight balanced Halogen Experience at first hand PAG’s latest camera power and lighting technology Register for free at: Find out more at E T +44 (0)20 8543 3131 13th March Glasgow 15th March Manchester 20th March Cardiff 22nd March Bristol 27th March London Visual Impact presents... look TM listen experience bringing real people & products to your region