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CONTENTS ISSUE: 63 MARCH 2012 FEATURES LOCATION & LIVE OB... PLANNING FOR A SUMMER OF SPORT? 48 How to choose 62 Want to take the road… 50 A new era in 63 Making live sports 52 Buffalo Bills score 64 The premiership and a location? in a MINI Countryman? slow-motion? production ever easier conference leagues of online video SAN touchdown 54 The new world of 66 The evolving art of live acquisition sports television 58 The biggest game in town 46 REGULARS NEWS 46 30 Eye to Eye BVE 2012 in no particular order... 06 Industry news 18 NAB News 36 Cloud Matters Do you have a fear of fluff? 38 3D Tech 44 Finance Light weight 3D side- by-side production The effects on business of rising unemployment 40 tv-bay questions 42 Emma gets to grips with BVE 46 A sk the experts 98 Anthony Bairstow – Senior Video Editor at MTV Read the full news at com/news and for latest updates follow @tvbaynews on Twitter D ick Hobbs and his casual specs Intercoms for outside broadcast Location & Live OB... Anthony Bairstow Barry Spencer Richard Godfrey Steve Cotterill Ronen Artman Kieron Seth Page 40 Page 46 Page 48 Page 50 Page 54 Page 58 Search all previous articles at 04 | TV-BAY MAGAZINE