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Eye-to-Eye BVE 2012 in no particular order Sonifex’ announced the Redbox RB-VHDDD8 Dolby E and Dolby Digital decoder and extractor. It extracts 16 channels of audio within any audio group of an SDI video signal and a further two which are sent to the Dolby decoder. Up to 10 channels from the decoder or any of the 16 channels from the de- embedder can then be re-embedded onto either of the two SDI outputs and also transmitted on a BNC or D-type situated on the rear panel. Sony exhibited, among a lot of other things, its HDC-2500L 3-CCD HD portable and studio configurable camera. The HDC-2500 has multi- format capability, from 1080/100i (double speed) to 1080/50P, as well as 1080/50i, 1080/25P and 1080/24P. Newly developed 2/3-inch CCDs and a new digital signal processor with 16 bit A/D converter are incorporated. The side panel can be replaced to allow HD wireless or triax transmission. Sienna demonstrated what it claims is a new concept in media preparation for video on demand. Its Active Logging system allows rapid processing of live events into edited and encoded VOD streams ready for random access replay through catch-up services. Recording, editing and playout to the media encoder all happen during the original live performance. Where material such as commercials is removed, the whole process can be synchronised to conclude very shortly after the end of the show.  Roland exhibited its new low- cost VR-3 portable video and audio mixer which incorporates preview monitors and a streaming- ready USB output. It allows web streaming by simply connecting to a computer running a live streaming service such as Ustream or Livestream. Operating from mains or battery, it has three composite video inputs and one composite/ PC switchable input plus four mono (XLR) or two stereo audio channels. Video effects include keying, split screen, picture-in-picture. Rosco shows its new LitePad HO (high output) series of production lights. Claimed to be 33 per cent brighter than the original LitePad, these are available in daylight colour temperature (6000 degrees Kelvin) at eight standard sizes ranging from 3 x 6 inch to 24 x 24 inch rectangular and 3 inch or 12 inch circular. Each LitePad HO is 8 mm thick and operates from 12 volts direct-current. Example prices are £156 (6 x 6 inch) or £422.40 (12 inch circular). PAG’s PAGlink is claimed to be the only camera battery system that allows batteries to be linked together in multiples. Up to eight batteries can be linked, combining capacities for longer camera run-time, and delivering up to 12 amperes. The linked batteries form a serial network that controls discharging and allows charging to take place while the batteries are linked. The PL16 charger is capable of supplying 6 amperes at 16.8 volts. >> Performance and Safety for Peace of Mind * Cost Effective Unpopulated Raid Storage * Prices Starting From £40 + Vat * 1TB Up To 24TB Capacity * Raid 0/1/5/6/10/50/60 Distributor Tel: +44 (0)20 8868 2479 TV-BAY MAGAZINE | 31