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NAB NEWS SGL Stand: N1520 Boxx Stand: C7219 R F camera system manufacturer is to launch Meridian Tallis; an iris control and tally indicator accessory for wireless camera rigs, at NAB 2012. Camera paint systems are traditionally expensive and hence out of the reach of many productions. Boxx has conceived a simple yet elegant solution that provides remote control for Iris and tally light only. The Meridian Tallis system also works with any brand of broadcast camera on a wireless rig or Steadicam, and is not limited to own wireless camera systems. It solves the tricky problem of providing Iris control for a variety of different manufacturers cameras by tapping directly into the lens to adjust the aperture. is also extending its Zero Delay transmission range with Meridian-Lite, which offers Boxxs technology for under USD$10,000.  Meridian Lites killer feature is its Zero Frame Delay RF link for High Definition video, which delivers broadcast video and sound perfectly in synch. The sytem supports full 4:2:2 video including all formats up to 1080p 30, providing a simple, affordable, wireless solution for all professional videographers.  At NAB 2012 SGL will continue its successful rollout of next-generation archiving technology by announcing its support for writing AS02-wrapped files (part of the MXF standard) to LTFS tape. SGLs support for LTFS provides instant content portability between systems and streamlines file-based workflows. Users can now benefit even further as AS02 files written to LTFS tape allow the simple transportation of primary video/audio content and the related metadata. As well as demonstrating this important development in current archive practices, SGL will also highlight an end-to-end Avid InGame workflow using its FlashNet archive management software solution. Wowza Media Systems Stand: SU9702 Multiplatform flexibility, reliability, scalability, extensibility, and unmatched economic value have made Wowza Media Server(R) software an unprecedented success, with some 100,000 licensees worldwide. Wowza(R) Media Systems introduced the paradigm-busting Wowza Media Server 3 last fall, and it quickly won awards for changing the way adaptive multibitrate streaming is delivered to viewers everywhere. At the 2012 NAB Show, Wowza will display this award-winning new software and its groundbreaking AddOns, which transform it from a mere media server into a robust streaming media platform. Future Media Concepts Stand: SL9707 The Meridian Lite provides a simple interface for quick setup and ease of use. It has the same range and reliability as its high-end equivalent, and is upgradeable to provide all of the features of the popular full Meridian RF link. Future Media Concepts (FMC), the nation’s premier digital media training organization, have announced that the company will once again team up with the NAB Show to offer Post|Production World, a full slate of manufacturer-certified training courses for production and postproduction professionals. TV-BAY MAGAZINE | 21