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It depends on the shots you are trying to achieve as to which of these mounts would be most suitable for your requirement and there is often a bit of confusion as to which product is which and what they are designed to do. Shoulder mounts are primarily designed to give you additional support and help distribute the camera weight more effectively. They are usually used for stationary work as an alternative to a tripod or monopod. A steady mount helps you achieve more stability when moving around with a camera as they allow you to get a more natural holding position. Although they won’t provide that full floating effect that a stabilizer can deliver they are quicker to set-up and can be more easily used in windy conditions. Popular steady mounts include the Manfrotto Fig Rig and Hague Camframe range. Stabilizers allow you to get that true floating effect and, with practice, will allow you to take your filming to the next level. The variety of stabilizers available today is vast from the full body harness Steadicam set-ups through to small stabilizers like the world famous Mini Motion Cam for small handheld cameras. What is all the fuss about sliders? The camera slider phenomenon has really exploded in recent years and more and more people have invested in these useful rail systems. Being small, compact, versatile and easy to set-up has made them extremely popular and the leading brands such as Glidetrack and Hague Camslide now have a variety of different systems depending upon the type of rail you want, the bearings the carriage uses and the type of camera you are using. Although I would agree that these are great pieces of kit I would still consider other systems such as tripod tracking dollies, ride on systems and the neat mini table dollies depending on the shots you are hoping to achieve, the location and the equipment being used. Mark Scotton is the Sales Manager for Hague Camera Supports and for the Cameragrip online sales site which ensures an in depth knowledge of the grip market. Hague Camera Supports design and manufacture a variety of camera support systems and sell a wide range of camera equipment from some of the world’s leading brands. Further information on grip and support systems can be found at where you will find a variety of products from the major brands within the industry. Ready when you are D iva-Lites come ready for work with Hi-lumen lamps, switching, dimming, barndoors, gel frame, louver, reflector and center mount. Diva-Lites display both daylight and tungsten cool light as bright as a traditional 1,000 Watt hot light — using only 1 Amp of power! Its quick set up time saves production money while the small energy footprint helps save the planet. Please Light Responsibly. w w w. c i r r o l i t e . c o m 0 2 0 8 9 5 5 6 7 0 0 KinoFlo_DivaLite_Ad Cirro.indd 1 TV-BAY MAGAZINE | 83 29/11/2010 13:45:11