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>> Do you have competition? When you think about it it’s not rocket science, we try to be the first and do it really well. We have great customer service; we had a guy in Holland needing a PL x2 extender he had noticed on our website which is built to order, we put it together for him but his requirement was suddenly a lot sooner than he had thought so we flew Elaine over to Holland with it under her arm. I want a Nikon lens for my camera – I searched online and found loads, the price varied massively. What is the difference? The new EFFECT (EF full exposure control terminal) lens of course the quality processes and materials we use built by skilled craftsmen. In these products you really do get what you pay for. There are others that do what we do, some do a pretty good job, some people are put off by the words “made in china” or elsewhere in eastern Europe – there is some good stuff coming from there of course but equal amounts of not so good. Around 80% of MTF product is exported to just about every country you can name and some you have probably never heard of. We are getting increasingly large orders from the USA and it’s not unusual to work through the night just to fulfil the order which can sometimes be in excess of 100 adapters. So what’s new for BVE? The new EFFECT (EF full exposure control terminal) lens, although not launched we have been shipping via word of mouth for the past two weeks now. We had one cameraman using it for the Level 42 concert in west London and just before that one was used to shoot a pilot for a channel 4 drama – this was the first to be used in anger, it was a loan and since then they have brought one for the rest of the series. Who do you sell to? We sell to everyone, end users, distributors, dealers. There are many competitors in lens adapters and comparing like for like our products may seem on the expensive side, the reason behind this is the “built in the UK” badge where nothing is cheap in manufacturing terms plus 78 | TV-BAY MAGAZINE Any possibility of a 2/3” to micro 4/3” (B4 to micro 4/3”)? We already do one! B4 to micro 4/3”. It has no optics in it. The image from a B4 lens is only 11mm diagonal so that image needs to be expanded to cover the micro 4/3” format – now there are 2 ways to do this , firstly the expensive and stupid way of having an adapter with optics in there that do it which tend to be v expensive (a few 1000 dollars – probably almost as much as the camera) or there’s the simpler way of using the 2 x doubler that’s already in the lens, which is designed to work with that lens so we’ve got a simple, well made, mechanical adapter with our stainless steel micro 4/3rd mount that does the job for £295! £20 tells you straight away that you are not buying a quality, long lasting product – it’ll look like the equivalent but you just won’t know until you try to use it that it is In fact a far inferior product. It’s fairly easy to make a Nikon adapter fit on the lens especially with products like micro 4/3” or e-mount adaptors. Generally the cheap ones that mount on the camera are manufactured from one piece of aluminium and can easily be damaged. Also the fitting accuracy is often just not there.. If it looks cheap then it probably is! We go to a lot of trouble to make these from quality stainless steel to ensure they are machined well and give years of trouble free service. We’ve actually thrown away over 200 of these simply because they just didn’t come up to our tolerance standards. Any plans to produce an easy look up table on lens choice for camera? is our new website which does exactly that. Have a play, it’s very easy to use and been live for a little while now. We’re in the process or promoting this new site. It has everything we have on the MTF website and with the camera selector pull down box you can easily select locate the adapters to fit your Sony FS100 for example. We have a shopping cart built in and lots of other handy features to guide you through. Mike Tapa (seated) with Elaine Sutton who handles admin and Jit Soni, a seasoned professional (also ex Optex) who is developing the MTF broadcast sales division MTF Service Ltd, Unit B401, The Chocolate Factory, Clarendon Rd, London, N22 6XJ Email. Tel. 020 8881 7850 Web.