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>> the film plane, the subject and the background and how you change it. You can take a 2/3 camera with a Fujinon ENG lens and make it look like a Prime lens by changing the ratios, moving your subject away from the background to create space there. Space is beneficial for control of light and focus. If you don’t have the budget for super fancy Prime lenses then regular lenses can do a great job but you’ve got to push them and know that everything else going on in the shot is important. What’s in your DoP toolkit? I tend to carry a light meter, a color temperature meter and some calculators for depth of field and sun position (azimuth) plus a few extra chamois for the viewfinder. Usually I will also have a few contrast glasses and a pair of ladies’ tights. The contrast glass is essential because it allows me to see the light, to see the ratios the way the camera sees it (or in case of film, the way the negative sees it) and then I can leave my light meter, once I know my base exposure and just look and see the relationship of the ratios - it helps me to light much more quickly. As for the ladies’ tights, you’ll have to ask my assistants! Finally, if there was just one piece of advice you could give to someone when choosing lenses what would it be? I would say that it doesn’t really matter what lens you’re using as long as you understand how to use it. It’s not brand or lens specific. It is about knowing how to use that lens in a non-traditional way. Using a 50mm 72 | TV-BAY MAGAZINE to look like 100mm for instance. You can create beautiful images using a cheap lens. The tools are just tools. The look is reliant on the DoP’s ability to use what he has available. It’s so important to first accept which of the things in your world you can change – sometimes you’ll change your world to fit your tools and others, you’ll change the tools to fit the world. Good communication is so important. Understanding what is and isn’t important to the director in a given scene can really help influence your choices, make your work faster and ultimately put the audiences eyes on all the right things.