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Feature focus with Octica and Polecam Polecam Bringing the works to BVE BVE Stand: B10 T he Polecam team are offering visitors to their stand B10 at BVE the chance to be in seventh heaven – and try out a Polecam rig in its full 8-metre long glory for the first time at a show. closely with experienced Polecam operators John Gillan and Chris Taber, often featured in tv-bay. “We think it will prove a must-have piece of kit for new and existing Polecam operators because the wire-strut system can be used at any length to give increased rigidity to the pole – and it will be especially useful in reducing vibrations during rapid movement shots at gigs and similar events,” continued Steffan. For more information on the new wire- strut system: news/latest-news/426-polecam-camera- It will be demonstrated along with the newly-developed wire strut system which is designed to give added stability to the pole while still retaining the crane’s trademark flexibility and versatility. W ith the first deliveries of the New CANON EOS C300 imminent premier Broadcast, Film & Video equipment distributor Octica is ready to support Canon’s new camera with a range of professional accessories needed to make the optimum shooting kit. Including the industry standard EVFs from Cineroid; Matteboxes, Follow-Focus and Support Rigs from Chrosziel; Microphones from Que Audio & lightweight film fluidheads & tripods from Cartoni. Renowned for its superior quality and precision engineering German manufacturer CHROSZIEL has long been at the forefront of Mattebox and Follow-Focus development and offer a full range of products for use on the C300. Matteboxes for the widest angle lenses are available together with Lightweight Supports, Follow-Focus and Shoulder Rig systems allowing full control of the C300. 66 | TV-BAY MAGAZINE The other star of Polecam’s offering at BVE will be the Polecam Starter Pack (PSP) which is aimed at DSLR users who want to take their footage to new levels by adding sweeping crane shots to their mix. The small pack with big ambitions – it weighs in at just 15kg and comes in a specially-designed foam insert designed to drop straight into a Pelicase (model 1770) – is compatible with the latest DSLR and lightweight video cameras. On Polecam’s stand, Steffan Hewitt will also be joined by Indiecam experts to demonstrate specialist IndiePOV cameras. For more information on the PSP see: polecam-rigs/starter-pack.html or click on the QR code with your smart phone Polecam’s Managing Director Steffan Hewitt said: “We’re excited to be launching the new wire strut system at BVE. It has been developed and beta tested by working Octica delivers... crane-beats-techno-crane.html or click on the QR code with your smart phone Octica stock dedicated C300 Chrosziel Mattebox kits for both EF & PL Mount lenses Octica Professional are also the recently appointed distributor of the full range of Cartoni products from their famous Dutch & Lambda heads through to Cartoni’s flagship model the MAXIMA that received rave revues from leading industry figures at its European launch at IBC last year. The MAXIMA has gone on to be accepted by established UK rental companies for use in supporting fully equipped Digital- Film cameras including the Alexa, RED and Sony F65 as well as 3D Rigs and other sophisticated camera set-ups. Through its innovative compact all machined component design coupled with an industry leading precise and patented counterbalance system the MAXIMA is the standard head of choice for those looking for a better made and better value for money alternative to American made heads. Chosen for its flexible intelligent design and advanced LED technology THELIGHT LED lighting offers absolute lighting control over colour temperature, light intensity and beam direction, the lights used on “Home For The Holidays” were supplied by Panalux who recently increased their rental stock of THELIGHT products. This together with recent investments in THELIGHT products by UK rental companies Hammerhead and Shift 4 and lighting rental specialist COMAC shows that THELIGHT is leading the way in professional LED lighting. Available in four size formats the range covers both Studio and Field use with each model being slim, compact yet rugged in design and use of ultra-high-output, long-life, low power consumption LED’s that give superior lighting and accurate colour temperature control compared to panel type LED lighting systems. With the recent addition of a dedicated Studio light with integral control unit THELIGHT’s four model line- up can deliver a high light output ranging from 10,000, 9,000 & 5,500 LUX at 1 metre respectfully. Find our about all of these products and more at