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RGB full gamut colour mixing, with fine control of hue and saturation. a growing range of LED products A RRI’s LED technology is fast becoming the ‘hot’ topic for technicians and lighting designers all over the World. With a growing range of LED products, ARRI is providing industry professionals with all of the benefits of using a Low Energy Lighting source with familiar characteristics. The L-Series LED Fresnel fixtures are so close to their conventional equivalents that they create a like-for- like replacement of traditional Fresnels with LED-based light engines. L-Series, consisting of three fixtures; Tungsten only, Daylight only and Tuneable White which can also control RGB Colour mixes. The initial size, L7 (7” fresnel lens) is now being delivered to major studios and productions across the globe. Further additions to the L-series will be announced during 2012, resulting in a unique family of LED fresnel products. One major benefit to lighting technicians and designers, is the fact that both conventional ARRI Fresnels and now with L-series, offer continuous focus adjustment from spot to flood providing a smooth even light field. Controllability is crucial and the L-Series provide the same ability to cut and shape with barndoors and flags expected from conventional Fresnels as well as providing the same single shadow properties to deliver natural results. True-to-life colour rendition, previously achievable only with full-spectrum tungsten sources, is a hallmark of the L-Series. Both Tungsten and Daylight only versions, reproduce excellent colour results (CRI >90), providing greater colour latitude. With the L7-C, tuneable white light can be adjusted from 2800ºk to 10,000ºk to suit your lighting set up with fine adjustment of green/magenta shift for different skin tones, camera sensors and mixed-light environments. The L7-C also has a mode for controlling 64 | TV-BAY MAGAZINE Whereas other LED fixtures have taken forms that demand sacrifices in the quality of lighting designs, the L-Series is unique in fitting perfectly into established working practices. Lighting designers need not adapt their creative techniques, nor will studios have to change operating procedures; conventional Fresnels can be exchanged for L-Series on a like-for-like basis, achieving substantial and immediate cost savings with minimal disruption. When using L-Series for the first time, you will automatically recognise the familiar ARRI style. Traditional focus knobs provide the precise adjustment and rapid flood-to-spot that users enjoy from manual, mechanical control. The ARRI sliding stirrup enables precise adjustment of the centre of gravity, to compensate for front-end accessories or reduce hanging height. A slim profile extruded aluminium stirrup provides high strength with minimum added weight and the disc brake tilt lock provides extremely secure locking, ensuring the fixtures will stay where you put them. The optional pole-operated version allows pan, tilt and focus from the floor. For broadcast studios, remote fixture control is of paramount importance, and all functions of the L7 are controllable through DMX. The L7 is also fully RDM compatible, providing feedback and reporting of parameters including system status; hours on the light engine; calibration data from the internal colour sensor; and DMX address. For location applications, the L7-T and L7-D include an on-board dimmer control while the L7-C offers the ability to access all lamphead functions manually Lighting crew on location will love the versatility they can achieve in small to medium-size packages. Twelve ARRI L7 Fresnels can be run off a single 13 A, 230 V outlet, as opposed to three 1000 W or four 650 W tungsten Fresnels.. With the pace at which LED efficiency is improving, the L7 is an expansible platform designed to adapt with the latest enhancements in LED performance. The light engine is fully upgradeable to take advantage of technology advances as they happen. The firmware is also upgradeable through the lamphead’s USB port, with the potential to accommodate future control protocols and other system enhancements as they become available. In addition, future accessories are planned to bring new functionality to the platform, further expanding the L-Series versatility. Further information and brochures are available from either ARRI directly or log onto a new micro web site, For location and in-car production, ARRI also manufacture LoCaster LED panels. ARRI’s range of LED panels utilizes a special optical design and a dedicated LED arrangement presenting an efficient, high output solution, at an attractive price level. What truly makes the ARRI units unique is the single shadow, single source qualities, needed to enable complete barndoor control. An on-board controller allows adjustable colour temperature control, full dimming 0-100% and green/magenta shift control are all included as standard. Running at 35w and the ability to run from 11-36VDC via a standard 4 pin XLR connector, or simply via a mains adapter means that the LoCaster Panel is the perfect filming companion. Weighing in at less than 1kg, no internal fan and many additional accessories including a mounting bracket to join multiple units together make the LoCaster easily portable for location applications. BroadCaster version is available when DMX control is required only. ARRI BroadCaster panels provide the same features as with LoCaster, but control remotely over 3 channels of DMX. 1) intensity 2) colour temperature 3) +/- green adjustment. Broadcaster panels run via Power/ DMX power supply, which in turn can support up to 4 units per output (up to 8 per power supply). Visit for the latest information on LED products.