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BVE in the video on-demand era by Ben Darby W ithin the last ten years, on-demand culture has changed the way that the world accesses media. From Prime Ministers Questions on Wednesday afternoons to Champions League highlights on a Tuesday evening, there is no longer any excuse to miss anything that we would otherwise tune into live. The same now goes for exhibitions, as not only is it hard enough to secure days off from the working calendar, it can often become impossible to get to every stand, hear every speaker and get to grips with each industry trend. Therefore, credit is due in abundance to TV-BAY here with the introduction of the BroadcastShow website. The primary PR tool for broadcast technology companies should be the use of video, as what better way is there to showcase and promote your product by utilizing the medium that fundamentally makes your business relevant. Video has quickly become a form of marketing trusted to bring more exposure and distribute information more quickly, so with the on-demand service on the BroadcastShow. com channel, there are not just clear benefits for the exhibitor but great opportunities for busy delegates to access and review the things they missed, at a time that suits them. StreamUK celebrated its 10th Birthday last year and will be Exhibiting at BVE South for its 10th year in 2012. Last year we also attended the first BVE North in Manchester where our CEO 32 | TV-BAY MAGAZINE Duncan Burbidge was interview by BroadcastShow on our media platform StreamMP, an online video platform to be used by Broadcast Show in the near future. However, despite the change of location at BVE North, there was still a familiar atmosphere and mutual feeling that people were breaking ground in engineering the broadcast technology of tomorrow. The environment at BVE is very different to other media industry exhibitions, the sheer variety of technology gives a huge array of purposes and solutions that steer it from being less about commercial competition and more about partnerships and ways in which businesses can integrate functions to enable new opportunities for the future. Networking becomes almost evitable for delegates and exhibitors as they are exposed to the contemporary and modern fields of industry that are riding the back of the digital age. StreamUK’s Production Manager and self-declared technology geek says: “BVE truly is a golden opportunity for anyone in our industry. It is where deals are made, jobs are found, inspiration is born, and dreams begin to take shape. I spend most of my time looking forward trying to catch a glimpse of where the industry is headed, looking for new suppliers, better equipment, solutions to specific problems, as well as ways to just make us better than any other webcaster out there. But what I love most about BVE is that every year there is something that comes from left field and steals the show for me. Most of all though; I want to see what new technology is there that makes me dream up new and better solutions, that will enable me and my team to continue to surprise our clients with what we can do.” We meet a huge variety of delegates on the exhibition floor, from inspired students and entrepreneurs from start-ups to the CTO’s of multi-million pound businesses. But the common ground with everyone there is the eagerness to be at the forefront of broadcast technology as well as the anticipation to see the unveiling of tomorrow’s big solution. Seminars start discussion and debate, whilst speakers demonstrate new technology that enhances today’s broadcast quality. So from a communications perspective BVE has for some time been the hub of broadcast technology pioneering. Now twice a year, the exhibition continues to deliver the promise of bringing in experts from each field and generate debate, discussions and solutions that bring about the innovative thinking that drives the broadcast industry. The blinding speed in which the digital landscape changes has always been sufficiently countered by the technology, and only at BVE will you find this at work and in the making. We hope to see you at BVE South this year, but if you can’t quite make it or fear not taking it all in, be sure to catch-up on BroadcastShow. com to see the technology of tomorrow anytime you choose.