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WORLD NEWS Rock solid dependability for the Amazing Race S Connect AVB ince their first day of production back in 2001, crew members of the hit reality television series The Amazing Race have counted on Anton/Bauer® products to power them through even the toughest geographic and weather conditions. When it comes to battery power, The Amazing Race uses the Anton/ Bauer HyTRON 140 and DIONIC® 90 to ensure all Sony cameras have enough power to capture in real time every exciting moment the contestants encounter. The HyTRON 140 is a high-power NiMH battery system suited to the power demands of today’s high-definition equipment and on-camera lighting systems. In lower power applications, it can provide power for many hours without limits or travel restrictions. Egypt’s first HD channel W ith a massive new program of investment in its Nile TV International channel, which first went on air in 1994, Egyptian state television has prepared the way for the country’s first-ever broadcasts in HD quality. As part of the program, two of the channel’s studios have been completely redesigned and reequipped. Work on the project, now in its practice-oriented test phase, was completed in 2010. The task of Intercom goes Real-Time IP The 91-WH battery can handle a maximum load of six amps, and offers run-times ranging from six hours at 15 watts to 1.75 hours at 50 watts. s at See u BVE 2, Court Earls H60 nd Sta specifying and installing an intercom system for the new studios was entrusted to the Egyptian company System Design, which cooperated with RTS/TELEX’s Egyptian partner Manial Business Center (MBC Broadcast) regarding the systems design. Connecting intercom panels over an IP-based LAN environment has been the dream of many system planers. Riedel’s AVB product line provides a communication solution fulfi lling the demands of professional intercom users. Based on offi cial IEEE next generation Ethernet standards AVB makes it possible to utilize facility and enterprise LAN data infrastructures for real-time intercom applications. This allows for new approaches in system and facility design providing signifi cant savings in infrastructure investments. New broadcast studio around Newscast automation TV2 Hungary, one of Hungary’s top-rated television networks, is placing Mosart(R) Newscast Automation at the heart of its new broadcast studio. The studio is being implemented by Somos Broadcast Media, a systems integrator and reseller serving the Hungarian broadcast market. TV-BAY MAGAZINE | 11