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Is your air silent? Y ou have probably heard about Silentair and its super quiet Serenity AC system for Post Production studios. You may not know exactly how quiet these systems can be, and just how suitable they are for Post Production including Foley work. AC companies quite often say that their systems are ‘silent’ in fact in reality when the small print is read they are just too noisy for these stringent noise sensitive applications and would, if installed, need to be turned off for the critical sessions. Silentair decided to have their Serenity system acoustically tested at Salford University to establish just how quiet this system is, but they wanted the test to be as real as possible, so the complete Air conditioning system was installed inside the Anechoic Chamber with the outdoor AC unit connected by copper pipes but positioned outside the chamber. For Silentair it was crucial that the tests were carried out as exactly as the system would be installed in a Post Production Studio complete with distribution ducting and nozzles, but more than that, the test microphones were positioned a realistic distance away from the centre of the indoor unit (1400 mm) simulating the noise levels experienced inside the studio. The company wanted the most realistic testing available and have taken every step to ensure accurate data. The complete Test Certificate from Salford University, in its entirety available for download on Having an AC system that’s quiet enough to install inside a Post Production studio has a substantial impact on almost every aspect of studio design not least of all the simple fact that this system only needs a single 75mm hole in the studio for the pipe work, no large holes are required for oversize ducting as in the past. Attenuator/ Silencers are not used with this system so substantial spaces can be saved around the studio. Of course one of the traditional moans from the sound engineers is that the draughts generated by the AC often ended up down the back of their neck. Silentair have addressed this problem as well by eliminating draughts completely with their patentee air distribution system. Of course not all studios require absolute quiet so with this system each client can select the operating noise level required for each installation. OTT MPEG Docsis CAS CPE Linear TV VoIP IPTV ZigBee VoD STB Femto DRM Offers 4 professional certiications and over 35 courses for Broadcast, Telco and Connected Home professionals 52 | TV-BAY MAGAZINE Delivering Knowledge DVB MHEG Multi-screen The Connected Home Academy It’s clear from the above that Silentair are very serious about providing the very best possible products for all types of Studios and demonstrate this even further by their intension to build their own studio at their new premises at Leeds so potential clients can see and hear for themselves. This facility will also allow the company to test their number of new products currently being developed. UI & EPG Visit us at Broadcast Video Expo 2012, London + 44 (0) 207 620 0033