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>> CORIOgraphy transferring data electronically means it is impossible to stop this happening. The production company might even email additional media to the editor to download it with his phone. Multiple editors may work on the same project in different suites. All of this means that it becomes increasingly hard to be sure where all the media for a project is. There are many reasons why a facility would want to gather all the media for a project together into one place. They may want to temporarily transfer it from high-value specialist edit storage to lower cost storage whilst the project is on hold for a period of time. Or, they may want to create a snapshot of the project to protect against disaster. The project may need to be physically relocated to another network. Perhaps the client would benefit from an editable copy of the project so that if they need a new edit in the future, such as an alternative language, format or age rating, they can save costs by starting with the actual edit project and original media. All of these would be really useful, but are currently really difficult for those in large Avid based facilities to achieve. With hundreds of Terabytes of storage, and many concurrent projects, finding all the media for a single project is difficult. If the editor has failed to follow the procedures and left media on local drives or USB storage it might be impossible. A new product from Marquis Broadcast aims to help with some of these issues. Project Parking takes an Avid project and collates a complete list of all the media that that project has used, whether in a timeline, or simply in a bin. It then searches all the attached workspaces for that media. At the end of this analysis Project Parking can tell you whether all the media is on line, or if not what bin it was last in. “This analysis phase is useful just on its own,” said Burnett. “It is a common problem that media is in the wrong place, perhaps on a local drive or USB drive, the analysis quickly identifies this, avoiding what could have been a long search for the media across many workstations.” Project Parking then goes on to copy all the project files and all the media that it references to a new location. It then checks all the files (with MD5 checksums) to ensure they are faithful copies. “As we adopt file based workflows, we can look forward to many benefits,” continues Burnett. “However, if we are going to avoid some of the pitfalls, we are going to have to learn to do things a little differently and adopt new tools and techniques. Keeping track of all of our media for a project is just one of those challenges and I believe, Project Parking from Marquis is already making a significant contribution to helping us achieve this.” … let your imagination dance CORIOmaster A new level of video processing for Videowall, Edgeblending, Multi PIP & Multiviewer applications • NEW CORIO ® 3 processing, with image warp and rotation • Modularity provides fl exibility - up to 32 I/O • DVI-U* & SDI (SD/HD/3G-SDI) I/O modules • Any format I/O with up/down/cross conversion • Analog: PC resolutions to 2048 x 2048, HDTV to 1080p60 • DVI: PC resolutions to 1920x1200, HDTV to 1080p60 w/EDID • SDI: SD, HDTV to 1080p60 • Closed-caption de-embed/embed for SDI • Automatic incoming resolution detection • Video signal parameter adjustments • 4:4:4 Full bandwidth sampling • HDMI compatible I/O with HDCP The Universal I/O compatible with HDMI, DVI-D, DVI-A, • Integral Audio Routing RGBHV, RGBs, RGsB, YUV, • Audio de-embed/embed YPbPr, CV, Y/C • Optional redundant power supply • Interfaces: RS-232/422/485, USB, IP • Windows & Mac control software • 5 Year Warranty * DVI-U For people passionate about performance CORIOmaster Commercial Integrator BEST Award - video components & processors About Marquis Broadcast Founded in 1998, Marquis Broadcast provides a range of media integration products designed for the data-intensive and challenging requirements of today’s fast-paced broadcasting environments, enabling broadcasters and other users of digital media to achieve maximum efficiencies from their workflow processes. The company has considerable experience in integrating an extensive range of broadcast systems and devices, providing easy to use workflows via Medway, Marquis’ widely installed interoperability engine. The Video Processing Specialists TV One Ltd., Westwood Ind. Est., Margate, Kent CT9 4JG, UK Tel: +44 (0)1843 873311 Fax +44 (0)1843 873312 Stand 3C106 31 Jan - 2 Feb Amsterdam RAI E&OE. All Copyrights and Trademarks are acknowledged TV-BAY MAGAZINE | 51