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In terms of technology the most exciting development for the visually excited individual is the new Sony Grade 1 OLED displays, I was truly blown away by the quality of the image.  However, at 24inches its not practical for a colourist who has clients, so we’ll await larger sizes and hopefully a reduction in price.  Blackmagic Design continued to make game changing announcements in 2011, with reductions in their prices, and by the end of 2011 a free fully loaded version of Resolve.  Finally, just like editing, the cost of the software is negligible, only the hardware that drives it is going to cost you the money.  Whether this changes much, I doubt it, we’ve seen rates drop year on year in most sectors and this kind of thing only enforces that - you can’t fight it, you just have to work it to your advantage, cheap software means more novice colourists, and what matters is the room, the calibrated displays, the relationships and the talent.  In 90% of my work, my sessions are attended, and that is what my clients pay for, and that is #29231 20/06/2011 not going - Genelec TV Bay_Layout high-end to change at the of the industry.  From my point of view, I have less expenditure in equipment which was overpriced anyway. 2011 continued to be a very poor year for independent British films, with many directors not able to find funding to bring their film to the screen.  Despite successes like ‘The King’s Speech’, and despite post production companies becoming investors, it wasn’t enough for many to get their film off the ground.  I can’t see this changing in the short-term, but we will continue to actively look out for great scripts and directors for potential investment, if not move in to Production ourselves in 2012.  We have to hope that other investors can return to the industry with the support of EIS schemes and tax benefits for those investors. 3D Stereoscopic has been huge for Hollywood, with nearly all children’s movies being in 3D.  Here in the UK though, Sky are left to fly the 3D flag for us with sports and natural history programming.  Sky are committed to 3D and I’m sure we’ll be hearing 11:48 some big commissions in 2012.  of Page 1 However, a recent survey discovered over half of people who own 3D televisions don’t actually know they have 3D built in!  Viewing 3D in a cinema is one thing, but wearing glasses at home is another.  However, the Olympics and Euro 2012 along with transmitting Hollywood 3D movies could be what Sky and also BBC (if they commit to 3D) need to push the audience into the third dimension, and it’s not going to be quick – but we can’t give up now.  Fingers crossed Sky and BBC increase the momentum. Finally, I’d like to thank all those that have supported The Look and the team during 2011, we’ve worked with some of the best UK talent and some really lovely people, and we are very grateful to be chosen to work on some great projects.  We begin work on the new series of ‘The Accused’ this February which is set to be a great drama for the BBC. Happy New Year to all of you Trusted Throughout the production chain, broadcasters rely on the purity and transparency of Genelec audio monitoring. Find out why Genelec is the broadcaster’s monitor of choice at “To us, Genelec means total round-the-clock reliability” “The default choice for studios across the world” “All of our rooms have Genelecs – it gives us 100% consistency” Scott Holmgren, Molinare Daniel Jones, Vaudeville Post Daniel Sassen, Envy Post Find out more Scan with a QR reader on your smartphone for full details of Genelec monitors UK distribution by Source • • T: 020 8962 5080 TV-BAY MAGAZINE | 49