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CONTENTS ISSUE: 61 JANUARY 2012 FEATURES POST PRODUCTION 54 Stereoscopic 3D 36 StreamMP vs. legalization YouTube: Finding the right online video solution 56 Grading across The Atlantic 48 2011 wasn’t all 60 Audio loudness that bad for TV & commercials, was it? So what does 2012 hold? for video post 62 Modular studio design 64 Real-time frame rate conversion in a tapeless workflow 50 Managing media in TV production 68 Hamlet. Quality is 52 Is your air silent? the best policy. 32 REGULARS NEWS 06 30 Eye to Eye 42 Finance 32 3D Diaries 98 Dick Hobbs looks for Video post-production It’s show time... BROADCAST NEWS Industry news 20 BVE PREVIEW NEWS the connection... Was 2011 make or break for 3D? 34 3D Tech Corner Active or passive? – it’s a walk-over! 40 Commentaries Emma looks back at what Christmas meant to her! 98 Read the full news at com/news and for latest updates follow @tvbaynews on Twitter Post Production ... Ben Darby Thomas Urbye Chris Steele Rik Tester Mark Horrobin MC Patel Page 36 Page 48 Page 50 Page 54 Page 56 Page 60 Search all previous articles at 04 | TV-BAY MAGAZINE