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Camera Corps Stand: B10 C amera Corps has chosen BVE 2012 as the UK launch venue for the Q-Ball Pre-Set compact remotely-controlled HD/SD camera.  It was developed in response to demand from clients who want to be able to store and rapidly recall pan/tilt/zoom/focus data. Q-Ball Pre-Set can store up to 18 system configurations, enabling fast switching from one to setting to another. Stored parameters are held in non-volatile RAM within the head and therefore retained even after a system is powered down between sessions. Q-Ball is an ultra- compact remotely-controlled camera with integral 10-times zoom optical lens and smooth-accelerating pan/tilt motors. It is housed in a robust and fully- weatherproof 115 millimetre diameter aluminium sphere. Eyeheight Stand: A1 E yeheight has chosen BVE 2012 as the UK launch venue for the world’s first dual-channel stereoscopic 3D legaliser, the LE-3D. Developed in co-operation with one of London’s leading broadcast production, post-production and distribution facilities, the LE- 3D allows legalisation parameters for left and right video channels to be adjusted from a single operating panel to ensure precise compliance. User-adjustable parameters include RGB, YUV or composite mode selection, clipping level, soft clipping knee, luma and chroma gain, black level, and hue rotation. Six user memories are available to store group settings. EBU 2003 standard legalisation presets are also provided. NTP Technology Preco Stand: E52 P reco has chosen BVE 2012 for the UK launch of the Logitek ROC audio control console. Designed for use in live control rooms, post-production rooms and news booths, the ROC is a modular system with a low-profile control panel which can be placed directly onto an existing worksurface. Available in 6, 12, 18 and 24 fader configurations, the console is easily integrated into permanent or temporary studios. Also making their UK debut will be the Cooltouch XP-2401HD 24 inch video/waveform/audio monitor and RX-702HD rack-mountable dual 7 inch video/audio monitor. Stand: B28 N TP Technology’s new Penta 725 IP audio router allows a high quality audio routing network to be operated using low-cost Gigabit IP based Ethernet lines. It delivers the additional benefit of being easier to use than traditional leased-telco-line systems, being fully controllable via NTP’s intuitive VMC software. Using the Penta 725 IP allows city-wide, country- wide or global routing with sub-millisecond timing accuracy. Penta 725 IP systems can be combined to handle a total of 512 channels on a 1 gigabit/s network. Larger systems can be integrated where greater network capacity is available. A BVE seminar presentation explaining the technology’s advantages will be delivered NTP’s Mikael Vest on 15 February. TV-BAY MAGAZINE | 23