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Available in the UK from BEST SERVICE|BEST SUPPORT | BEST SOLUTIONS One button Two minutes Simply communicate w w w. jmb u k . t v +44(0)1296 338 995 ® by C-COM Satellite Systems Inc. GOT 3D? DSV-J2 V1 with HD-2K CineAsset Special Video Disk Recorder & Player Player Venue Visual Lossless 3D HD with Mastering Suite for 2D / 3D DSV-J2 THEME PARKS │CONCERTS │ SPECIAL VENUE THEME PARKS | CONCERTS | BROADCAST | MEDICAL IngEST Ingest any industry standard 3D DCP (Digital Cinema Package) in HD/2K/4K INGEST -SINGLE PASS RECORDING - RECORD L & R EYE FILES SIMULTANEOUSLY FROM 3D HD-SDI CAMERA OR 3D SERVER -DUAL PASS RECORDING - RECORD L & R EYE FILES SEPARATELY FROM left 2D & SERVER, eyes image sequences Using provided Doremi CineAsset Mastering Suite, import right THEN MERGE INTO 3D FILE -USING DOREMI AM - IMPORT L & R EYE FILES SEPARATELY, MERGE TO 3D AND SEND VIA ETHERNET TO V1 or left & right movies and encode to JPEg2000 and package as a 3D DCP OUTPUT -CONNECT DIRECTLY TO 3D DISPLAY CAPABLE OUTPUT OF ACCEPTING SEPARATE L & R EYE HD-SDI SIGNALS Connect directly -CONNECT VIA DOREMI’S GHX-3D DEVICE TO separate DISPLAY right eye HD-SDI signals to 3D display capable of accepting ANY 3D left & DEVICE Connect via Doremi’s Dimension-3D Device to any 3D Display device See a de InfoC mo at Boot omm h #31 32 Always Innovative. Doremi Labs, Inc., Burbank, CA 91601 +1-818-562-1101 Tel. : +33 (0)492 952 830 • • 77 | TV-BAY MAGAZINE