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gave me a simple way of switching to a backup feed if needed, including an analogue audio option if required. I will be doing a full review of the route case next month, so stay tuned. We were also recording the program out onto the nice new Sound Devices Pix240 SSD recorder. Why, I hear you ask? Well I will tell you. We wanted to turn around a highlights edit of the entire 5 1/2 hour event as quickly as we could and had an amazing editor sitting in another room waiting for footage. The beauty of the Pix 240, is we could have it record the program out and create 15min long files on the SSD, then when that SSD was full, swap it out for another. We were not worried about the odd few seconds of missed footage when we swapped as we had another recording the entire show. Once we had our SSD full of footage we could send it to our editor over the network to his Mac. The Mac being a new iMac 27” with the nice 12TB thunderbolt drive array attached. The great thing about this setup was that our editor could just continue to work on the footage while we copied new files onto the drive. It worked so well that at the end of the event, it was only about 15 mins before we had a completed and rendered out highlights video. Again it’s all about how we worked together and getting the right people in. the directors knew the camera guys were going to be in the right places at the right time. A lot of this hinged on Emma Hay tying everything together and communicating with all the relevant teams, a good producer and assistant producer were critical and Lindsay and Emma did an amazing job. Success on the event not only came from having good people, but working together well. Everyone needed to trust the other that they would do their job and do it well. I knew I could leave the guys in the control room to get me a quality video feed, our editor knew he was going to get event footage as quickly as we could get it to him, and All in all the event went very well, the client was very happy and let’s just say the game has proven very popular. Feel free to ask questions on twitter @jpratchett If you’re interested the highlights edits can be viewed here. com/watch?v=Zc2RXc9idaw GOT 3D? V1 HD-2K V1 HD-2K HD HD Video Disk Recorder & & Player Player Video Disk Recorder THEME PARKS | CONCERTS | BROADCAST | MEDICAL IngEST Single pass recording - Record INGEST right eye files simultaneously left & -SINGLE PASS RECORDING - RECORD L & 3D EYE FILES Camera or 3D server 3D HD-SDI CAMERA OR 3D SERVER from R HD-SDI SIMULTANEOUSLY FROM -DUAL PASS RECORDING - RECORD L & R EYE FILES SEPARATELY FROM 2D SERVER, THEN MERGE INTO 3D FILE right TO AND SEND VIA -USING DOREMI Dual - IMPORT recording FILES SEPARATELY, & MERGE eye 3D files separately ETHERNET TO V1 AM pass L & R EYE - Record left from High Definition server or High Definition video tape machine, then merge into 3D file OUTPUT Using DoremiAM - Import left & right files separately, merge -CONNECT DIRECTLY TO 3D DISPLAY CAPABLE OF ACCEPTING SEPARATE L & R EYE HD-SDI SIGNALS 3D and send via ethernet 3D DISPLAY DEVICE -CONNECT VIA to DOREMI’S GHX-3D DEVICE TO ANY to V1 OUTPUT Connect directly to 3D projector capable of accepting separate left & right eye HD-SDI signals See a Connect via Doremi’s Dimension-3D Device to any 3D Display device de InfoC mo at Boot omm h #31 32 Always Innovative. Doremi Labs, Inc., Burbank, CA 91601 +1-818-562-1101 Tel. : +33 (0)492 952 830 • • TV-BAY MAGAZINE | 71