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Adding powerful control to PIX 220 & PIX 240 video recorders. S FOR-A HD Virtual Studio goes live F OR-A has delivered a VRCAM2 sensor-less virtual studio system, complete with a Hanabi HVS- 350HS 1.5 ME vision mixer, to the Malta College of Arts, Science and Technology (MCAST). ound Devices has released an update for its new line of portable production video recorders PIX 220 and PIX 240. Firmware version 1.03 offers PIX 240 users record stop/start flag support for all major camera manufacturers, plus time code support over HDMI for Sony FS 100 and other Sony NEX cameras. Additionally, Setup Menu customization and numerous other upgrades have been introduced. These new features are available as a no-charge firmware update to all PIX 220 and PIX 240 users. These features, in addition to numerous other user-inspired updates, can be downloaded at no cost by visiting www.sounddevices. com/download/pix-firmware.htm. The FOR-A equipment includes a VRCAM2 graphics processor, to create the background virtual sets, with a built-in MBP-12CK 4:4:4 chroma keyer and its associated GUI. This is linked to the HVS-350HS mixer, complete with its associated clip store, using the unique FOR-A VR-Link that manages camera selection, video timing, tallies, etc, by creating virtual cross-points in the mixer. and reliability, while addressing the considerable cost implications of transmitting television content. OB feeds over bonded 3G connections S tream Communications (Stream), a Machine to Machine (M2M) focused mobile network operator, have announced the capability to deliver enhanced bonded 3G services for broadcasters. For a 3G data connection to be viable for outside broadcast it must meet specialist requirements for high capacity, security 06 | TV-BAY MAGAZINE Stream provides broadcasters access to the company’s enhanced mobile network via its M2M SIM cards and a platform which is able to deliver reliable 3G bonded broadcast solutions. By taking a series of Stream SIM cards - offering Network Diversity across carriers in the UK - broadcasters are able to utilise and multiply the bandwidth from each so they can be treated as a single high bandwidth connection capable of delivering speeds of up to 20mb/s over 3G. Bonded 3G offers low capital expenditure to set up and relatively small operational costs. The broadcaster only ever pays for the data it sends, so it becomes easy to manage and budget for future reporting activity, said Chadwick. This is why we are already witnessing high demand for our resilient and secure end to end high capacity 3G services from a range of equipment manufacturers as well as broadcasting companies.