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CONTENTS ISSUE: 60 DECEMBER 2011 FEATURES 3D 48 3D product spotlight 50 Choosing a mixer for 3D events 58 3D: The Stereographer’s tool kit 60 Is it time to hang up your glasses for field 3D monitoring? 50 Lighting for 3D production 52 Reaching for 3D 54 Convergence grading for stereoscopic 3D Broadcast 68 Putting the realism into reality television  70 How a live streaming launch comes together.... 56 Aerial 3D with custom rigs 56 REGULARS NEWS 31 Eye to Eye 40 Commentaries 06 32 3D Diaries 42 Finance 26 CABSAT 34 3D Tech corner 98 Dick Hobbs takes a David’s round up of 2011 Bob looks at the art of 3D The best job of the year by far BROADCAST NEWS Industry news Preview news Christmas cheer? commercial break Headache free 3D with Robin 38 Ask the Experts 3d market share, potential growth and other key questions Read the full news at com/news and for latest updates follow @tvbaynews on Twitter 34 3D... Giovanni Ballocca Graham Reed Ulric Flood Nancy Cavill James Willett John Golding Page 36 Page 44 Page 50 Page 52 Page 54 Page 60 Search all previous articles at 04 | TV-BAY MAGAZINE