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>> of sending some of the audience away with a headache. Developing the Cel-Scope3D stereoscopic signal analyser over the years continues to bring new aspects of 3D vision to our notice, usually in the form of feedback from Cel-Soft customers who have identified another parameter needing attention during the 3D production process. The most recent of these was edge violation, detailed two months ago in this column and arising when an all or part of an object (such as a lamp-post or the edge of a building) is visible in only one of the 3D image pairs. The brain has its own simple fix for this: the resolution and focal precision of human vision fall away drastically towards the periphery. Nobody would buy a camera with that kind of specification!  Robin Palmer is Managing Director of Cel-Soft and is currently involved with software solutions for 3D & TV quality control and measurement technology. 3D-paired images of a 18th century orrery in the Museum of the History of Science, Oxford, and Maxwell’s stereoscopic viewer in the Science Museum, London. Both pairs are left/ right transposed and can be viewed by focusing in the space between your eyes. TV-BAY MAGAZINE | 35