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IBS changes name to The Institute of Professional Sound The Institute of Broadcast Sound (IBS), the industry body founded in 1977 to represent professionals working in the field of audio for broadcast, is to rename itself The Institute of Professional Sound. The change will take effect from January 1st, 2012. On the curriculum at Ravensbourne C lear-Com®, a global leader in mission-critical voice communication systems, has announced that Ravensbourne, a university sector college in London, has installed Clear-Com systems in its new state-of-the-art HD broadcast facility. Ravensbourne, renowned for its programmes in digital media and design, is relying on the Clear-Com Eclipse-PiCo digital matrix intercom, Tempest2400 wireless system, and the Concert IP-based intercom software to help students learning about broadcast productions easily communicate across the universitys broadcast facility. The new name for the IBS reflects the shifts in the audio and broadcast industries over the last 34 years, and also the changes in the Institute’s own membership and working practices. Where once sound people working in broadcast had staff jobs with the BBC, ITV or independent local radio, most IBS members are now freelancers. Of necessity, the Institute’s members also now tend to operate in more than one field in the audio industry; for example, they may work on radio ads one day and a TV sound dub the next, while a location sound recordist might work on TV dramas, documentaries, corporate video or live sound events over the course of a few weeks. The Concert installation at Ravensbourne marks the first use of a Mac-based Concert system in the world. Supporting Avid Media Composer 6 A JA Video Systems have announced support for the latest releases of Avid® Media Composer® 6.0, NewsCutter® 10.0 and Symphony®6.0 with all of AJAs newest desktop solutions and mobile I/O devices. The current family of KONA cards, KONA 3G, KONA 3, KONA LHi and KONA LHe Plus, will all support Avid Media Composer 6.0, NewsCutter 10.0 and Symphony 6.0 with the addition of Avid Open I/O enabling support for third- party audio and video interfaces. AJAs Io Express portable video I/O device already supports Avid Media Composer and NewsCutter, offering HD/SD capture, monitoring and output; AJAs recently announced Io XT will offer a similar feature set for Thunderbolt-enabled workflows. 22 | TV-BAY MAGAZINE Pro Tools|HDX debut in Soho Square H HB and Scrub, its Soho-based subsidiary specialising in serving the post production industry, held the UK debut of Avids Pro Tools|HDX and Pro Tools 10 during a special event at the House of St. Barnabas in London’s Soho Square. The event was attended by a wide range of customers, which included audio professionals from the broadcast, recording and post production industries. It was deemed a success by all parties involved as the UKs biggest Pro Tools users and an impressive number of new faces gathered to experience the power and flexibility of the new systems first hand.